10 Funniest Family-Friendly Comedians

Published August 10, 2020
Laughing at stand up comedian

The entire family can laugh until they cry when they listen to clean comedians. Watching family-friendly stand-up comedy is a great way to spend your family night or a rainy afternoon.

1. Jim Gaffigan

Comedian Jim Gaffigan is one of the most well-known clean stand-up comedians in the business. With nine specials, three books, and a streaming television show, Gaffigan has made being a husband and father one something to joke about with everyone. Five of his albums have been nominated for Grammy awards.

2. Brian Regan

Brian Regan regularly appears on late night shows and tours in comedy clubs, in addition to his many specials. He was on Late Show with David Letterman 28 times and was the first comedian to broadcast a live Comedy Central special in 2015. Vanity Fair name Regan "the Funniest Stand-Up Alive" in their profile.

3. Wambui Bahati

Inspirational speaker and comedian Wambui Bahati's brand of comedy focuses on jokes and stories she'd feel comfortable sharing with anyone. She's done standup at the famous Gotham Comedy Club in New York City and was a runner up in a 2011 New York comedy contest.

4. Henry Cho

Henry Cho find humor as a self-proclaimed "comedian who's a Christian." His 2006 Netflix special What's That Clickin' Noise? has garnered praise from many viewers, with one saying, "Henry's style of comedy was something my whole family loved, from young to old. Finally! Diverse, clean humor!" Cho's comedy focuses on family and his life growing up in the South.

5. Bone Hampton

Bone Hampton is a comedian who has been making the rounds from churches to comedy clubs for most of his career. He won the 2013 GMA Dove Award for Comedian of the Year and went on to host the awards show in 2015. Hampton also made an appearance on America's Got Talent in 2018. He recently suffered kidney and congestive heart failure, which has put his comedy career on the sidelines.

6. Carlos Oscar

The Grable Group recognizes Carlos Oscar as a "hilarious" clean comedian, and for good reason. In 2012, Oscar was named the first Princess Cruises Entertainer of the Year. A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Carlos Oscar finds the humor in his daily life for his clean comedy and humor.

7. Michael Jr.

In 2016, Michael Jr. won the GMA Dove Comedian of the Year award. He has two specials and has made numerous appearances on both daytime and evening talk shows. The Grable Group named him one of the best clean stand-up comedians.

8. Marty Simpson

Marty Simpson was the 2012 winner of The Clean Comedy Challenge. Simpson offers up family-friendly comedy that appeals to numerous audiences, especially sports fans. He's been featured on ESPN and writes well-received sports columns. Simpson hosts a Facebook discussion called Marty's Hang Time that often showcases other clean comedians.

9. Ron G

Ron G has a "commitment to clean humor" and he's proven you don't need to be dirty to be funny. A finalist in season six of Last Comic Standing, Ron regularly tours the country and hosts a weekly Sunday comedy show, along with winning numerous other awards.

10. Chonda Pierce

No lightweight when it comes to country comedy, comedian Chonda Pierce has earned five gold and three platinum albums from the Recording Industry Association of America. She's written several books and is named as one of Pure Flix's list of clean Christian comedians. Pierce has authored several books and her show about overcoming depression, titled Chondra Pierce: Laughing in the Dark, was so popular on its one-night showing that it had an encore of 800 more theaters.

Clean Comedy for Everyone

Family-friendly comedians are fun for everyone from ages 5 to 105. Even among clean comedians, there are plenty of different personality and styles, so give a few a try and you're sure to find someone who makes you belly laugh all night long.

10 Funniest Family-Friendly Comedians