Best Christian Websites


The best Christian websites offer a wide variety of resources both for those who are new to the religion and those who may be interested in pursuing it. At many of the sites, you'll get a history of the faith, an overview of the beliefs, news, video sermons, and music. The best Christian websites are educational and entertaining.

1. CrossWalk

Crosswalk offers radio stations and channels with Christian messages. If you need Bible study tools, you can find those there as well. You'll see a daily devotional as well as several articles. Channels include Spiritual Life, Pastors, News, Marriage, Parenting, Devotionals, Finances, Homeschool, Careers, Singles, Movies, Music, and Books.

Website: CrossWalk

2. is similar to CrossWalk in that it has Bible study help, sermons, devotionals, Christian radio, games, articles, and more. If you're new to Christianity or you've been a Christian for years but want to know more about the faith, you may enjoy the Essentials, Becoming a Christian, Devotionals, and Theological FAQ sections of the site. This is one of the most educational sites for new Christians, but it also offers articles, videos, music and more for those who have been familiar with the faith all their lives.



3. Bible Knowledge

Bible Knowledge is a straightforward website with a non-denominational approach. There are Bible basics, Bible stories, prayer secrets, prophecies and more. Both newcomers to the religion as well as those who have been Christian for quite some time can benefit from the information found on the website. It's listed at spot number eight on Christian Top 1000.

Website: Bible Knowledge

4. Turn Back to God

Turn Back to God is one of the best Christian websites because it offers songs, stories, poems, prayers, movies, wallpaper, and more. The song selection isn't your grandma's old gospel music. You'll find songs from artists like Chris Tomlin, Michael W. Smith, Diana Ross, and more. There are also movie reviews for films like The Preacher's Kid and Faith Like Potatoes.

Website: Turn Back to God

5. Teacher Help

Teacher Help may benefit the average web surfer looking for information about Christianity, but it's really designed to help school teachers, home school teachers, and those who work in the children's ministry. You'll find lessons, resources, coloring pages, crafts, puzzles, and more that help deliver the message of Christ.

Website: Teacher Help


6. attracts all types of people and the group, The Jesus Army (also known as the Jesus Fellowship Church), works with the community including ex-prisoners, drug and alcohol abusers, and homeless young people. There is an online magazine as well as an events calendar, making it easy to get updates and meet likeminded people. If you want to keep your involvement limited to online, there are blogs, a forum, and even a virtual assistant.


The best Christian websites inspire, teach, and share the faith in a way that keeps visitors coming back for more. They use a variety of methods, like movie reviews and music, to spread the word of God. Most of them are also inviting and educational enough to interest both Christian newbies and those who have shared in the faith for years.

Best Christian Websites