Best Mattress Donation Options + Which Ones Pick Up

Published October 20, 2020
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Your best mattress donation options are with nonprofit organizations and charities. However, there are less than a handful of organizations and charities that will take a mattress donation.

Mattress Donation Challenges

There are several reasons why most charities and organizations don't accept mattresses for donations. Health concerns is the most prominent reason followed by possible bed bug infestation. If you wish to donate a mattress and find a charity that will accept it, you'll need a mattress that is in very good condition and is free of stains, tears or worn out springs poking through the mattress cover.

Does Habitat for Humanity Accept Mattress Donations?

Habitat for Humanity does not accept mattress donations for its Habitat Restore program. However, the charity organization does accept bedframe donations.

Does Goodwill Take Mattresses?

Many websites list Goodwill Industries as a viable source for a mattress donation. However, according to Consumer Affairs, Goodwill does not accept mattress donations.

The Salvation Army Accepts Mattress Donations

The Salvation Army accepts mattress donations. As with all donations, you must assign the value of your donation for possible tax benefits. The age and condition of your mattress should determine the value. As a guide, Salvation Army offers a price range that you can use to assign a value to your donation.

  • Crib (w/mattress): $26.00 to $104.00
  • Mattress (single): $16.00 to $36.00
  • Mattress (double): $13.00 to $78.00

Schedule Mattress Donation Pick Up

The Salvation Army offers furniture pick up. If you plan to donate a mattress to The Salvation Army, you will need to contact your local Salvation Army Thrift Store to schedule a pick up.

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The DonationTown website states it can help you find a charity for most items, even mattresses. DonationTown advises you let the charity know if your mattress was in a home with smokers and/or pets, since many people have allergies to one or both. Allergic reactions to smoke and pet dander can be major health threats and concerns. Availability of pick up services will differ for each charity.

Furniture Bank Network

Furniture Bank Network is an excellent resource for finding organizations that accept mattress donations. The network provides an online database of organizations that accept furniture donations, including those that accept mattresses. You'll need to check your area for to find out who is willing to take mattress donations. For example, Beds for Kids accepts new and gently used mattresses, but the mattresses must be stain free. Pick up services will differ for each charity.

Recycle Center

Most of the mattress components can successfully be recycled. Many recycle centers accept donated mattresses. Consumer Affairs advises you call your local recycle center to double check. For example, Rhode Island Connecticut, and California all accept mattress donations under the law. Some states, through the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program, are required to charge a small fee for hauling the mattress from your home to the recycling center. Other recycle centers don't charge anything.

Bye Bye Mattress Database

You can check the Bye Bye Mattress database to find a nearby mattress recycling program. This recycling program operates under the Mattress Recycling Council. The council is a nonprofit that charges a recycling fee for each mattress and/or box spring sold.

City Annual Mattress Recycling Day

Many cities will have a special trash day pickup for mattress recycling. You need to check your city's trash schedule to see if there is any type of mattress pickup offered. Most cities don't charge extra fees for special trash pick up days.

Mattress recycling day

Homeless Shelters

Your local homeless shelter may accept mattress donations. To find out, you'll need to contact the shelter and inquire. If you get the green light, make sure you follow all the instructions to ensure your donation is possible. Availability of pick up services will depend on the shelter.


You can always list your mattress donation on Craigslist. If you find a charity that accepts mattresses, be sure you inquire if they provide furniture pickup services.

The Freecycle Network

The Freecycle Network, commonly called Freecycle, is a private, nonprofit worldwide organization that coordinates regional donations or gifting. Members of each network post items they wish to either giveaway or swap for a specific item. You can post your free mattress. Typically, the person accepting the free item is responsible for getting it home or to another destination.

Best Mattress Donations and Pick Up Services

There are a few places where you can donate a mattress. Some charities and organization offer a pick up service that makes it very convenient to donate. Just check with the individual organization to make sure you understand what's involved.

Best Mattress Donation Options + Which Ones Pick Up