5 Free Blank Board Games You Can Print and Play With In No Time

Updated January 22, 2020
young family playing board game

Printable blank board game templates allow you to create a board game of your own or play a favorite classic board game without buying it. You can find objects and craft supplies to help you make all the elements of your favorite games at home or use the printable game boards in place of missing or broken boards from your family game night favorites. If you need help to download the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Blank Monopoly Game Board Template

The square board has a traditional feel that resembles the Monopoly board game and features spaces to place game cards. A standard Monopoly game board features 11 spaces on each side, but this version only has 10 spaces on the long sides and 8 on the short sides. If you exclude all the railroads, tax spaces, and a couple of others you can still create a great Monopoly game.

To make a complete game:

  • Print off play money, create Chance and Community Chest cards from halved index cards, and use small objects or toys as game pieces.
  • Create your own Monopoly game by naming each square space after a place you love.
  • Make themed review questions and use the game for a study group.
  • Place a deck of playing cards in the middle of the game board. Use the playing cards instead of dice to tell players how many spaces to move.

Blank Settlers of Catan Game Board Template

Print of this unique hexagonal, or honeycomb, game board that resembles the board from the game Settlers of Catan. You can copy the terrain and resources of a real Catan game by looking at images of your favorite version or invent your own environment.

To make a complete game:

  • Add geographical features to each hexagon with crayons or markers to replicate the mountains, pastures, hills, fields, and forests in the original game.
  • Use halved index cards to make Resource Cards, Development Cards, and Building Costs Cards.
  • Write numbers on Bingo chips to use as the game chips and use Lego bricks and houses from your Monopoly game as the game pieces.
  • Print off two or more copies on card stock, then cut out each hexagon and shuffle them to create a unique game board each time like in the real Catan game.
  • Create a fun bee-themed game where the board is the honeycomb and the object is to fill as many spaces as possible with honey.
  • Make a unique Clue game by naming each hexagon after a room in a house and using printable clue tracking sheets.

Blank Snakes and Ladders Game Board Template

Sometimes called Chutes and Ladders, the Snakes and Ladders game is a centuries-old game for children. All you need are a die and a couple of game pieces to play this simple board game.

To make a complete game:

  • Choose a number that when rolled on the die indicates a reversal of the snake and ladder directions.
  • Add numbers or letters to each square to make it an educational practice game for kids.
  • Make the rule that if a player lands at the start of a snake or ladder and there is another player on the space at the other end, the first player can switch spots with the second if desired.

Blank Chess or Checkers Game Board Template

A Chess board or Checkers game board features an 8 by 8 grid of squares in two alternating colors. You can mount the game board template to a piece of wood using decoupage techniques or print it on cardstock for a sturdier board.

To make a complete game:

  • Use coins as game pieces. Different coins can serve as the different types of chess pieces or for checkers, one player can use pennies and the other can use dimes.
  • Use the game board to create a calendar style game similar to Pay Day by cutting off one column, then cutting the board in half to create two standard calendar months.
  • Turn the board into a smaller version of a Scrabble game by using printable block letters for your tiles and printable Scrabble score sheets.

Blank Trivial Pursuit Game Board Template

A wheel-shaped game board similar to the Trivial Pursuit game board is great for trivia games or games where players need to collect a series of items.

To make a complete game:

  • Color in all the spaces to match a Trivial Pursuit game board and create cards by adding trivia questions and answers to halved index cards.
  • Use printable Family Feud questions from different categories instead of standard trivia questions.
  • Make your own Jumanji board game using this board since it has some of the same features, like multiple paths leading to one central space.
  • Challenge players to travel every possible path, or spoke, to the center of the board before they can win.

Replicate Your Favorite Board Games

If you can't buy a copy of your favorite board game, you can simply print and make your own version at home using blank board game PDFs. Browse the internet or scour your memory to replicate the real game on your printed version or create your own custom board game.

5 Free Blank Board Games You Can Print and Play With In No Time