Boot Scootin Boogie Steps

Country Western Dance Boots

The Boot Scootin Boogie steps are easy to learn and even more fun to do. This simple guide can have you dancing to this popular song in no time at any country western bar, party, or anywhere else your feet may take you.

A Popular Line Dance

Like many country line dances, there are several different versions of the Boot Scootin Boogie. The most basic steps can be learned in no time at all, and then learning some flourishes and fancier steps can be done while enjoying the dance on a weekend night with other country western dancers.

The Boot Scootin Boogie is considered to be a four-wall line dance at a basic to intermediate level. There are 32 counts in the choreography, and the dance is almost always executed to the Brooks and Dunn song by the same name as the dance.

Learn the Boot Scootin Boogie Steps

The first step is called a "Vine Right, Kick Left". Almost every dance step in the song simply names the moves such as this one.

  1. Start by stepping to the right on your right foot. Next, step behind your right foot on your left. Repeat stepping to the right on right, and then kick your left leg to the front.
  2. The next step is "Vine Left, Kick Right, Kick Left, Kick Right": step to your left on your left foot. Then, step behind your left foot onto your right; next, step left on your left foot, and then kick your right foot to the front. Step your right foot next to your left, and then repeat the kick with your left foot kicking to the front this time. Reverse everything by stepping your left foot next to the right, and then kick your right foot out in front.
  3. The next step consists of a move called "heel shifts", which is done by stepping onto your right foot next to your left, so that your feet are placed together. Shift your heels to the right, then shift them to the left. Repeat the shift to the right and then shift them center to complete the step.
  4. This is the really fun part: "stomp, stomp, kick, kick ball change", which is done by stomping your right foot twice, and then kick the right foot to the front. Repeat this kick and then step onto the ball of your right foot so it is next to your left. Shift your weight to the left side and then stomp your right foot once more. Kick your right foot twice to the front, and you are done with the really fun step 4.
  5. This section is known as "step forward, touch step back", step forward on your right foot and then bring the left foot in next to the right. Step backward on your left, and then bring the right foot in so it is touching the left.
  6. Finally, the last of the basic song steps, step backward on your right and then bring your left foot together with a touch. Step forward on the left and then scuff your right foot up to your left. Rotate one quarter of a turn to the left, and repeat this combination until you have rotated in a complete circle.

Another Version of the Dance

Another version called the "boot scoot" is a little more straightforward, and while it looks basically the same, it can be a bit easier to learn:

  1. Start with your feet together
  2. On the balls of your feet, twist to the left
  3. Twist on your heels to the left
  4. Twist heels to right
  5. Twist balls of the feet on right
  6. Step forward and to the right. Repeat and step forward and to the left.
  7. Kick forward with your left foot
  8. Kick forward with your right foot
  9. Step back to the right and then step back to the left.
  10. Kick your left foot, kick your right foot
  11. Slide forward to the left, moving your hips before your feet. Repeat to the right.
  12. Kick with your left, then touch your right hand to your left toe. Repeat to the right.
  13. Slide twice to the right. Twice to the left.
  14. Step forward and swivel
  15. Clap

Start Dancing!

Now you know how to do all of the Boot Scootin Boogie steps. All you have to do now is head to the nearest honkey tonk. and you can enjoy this country western dance every time the song is played!

Boot Scootin Boogie Steps