Candy Bar Fundraiser: A Sweet Way to Raise Money

Updated January 26, 2022
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Holding a candy bar fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your school or organization. After all, who doesn't love candy bars? Selling candy bars is an inexpensive and easy way to raise money for your group, especially when you partner with a company that has a structured fundraising program. Explore a few of the best candy bar fundraising programs before making your decision. Once you choose a candy supplier, you'll be ready to start raising money by selling sweet treats.

The Hershey Company Fundraising

The Hershey Company is well-known for its popular candy bars. They have a great fundraising program that allows groups to earn money from selling some of the company's most popular candy bars. The company offers three different fundraising packs. You can opt to sell oversized Hershey's, Reese's, Kit Kat, and Twizzlers for $3, or you can sell standard size bars of those brands, plus Take Five and Caramello candy bars for $2. Your group can make up to a 45 percent profit, depending on the quantity ordered and sold. You can order Hershey fundraising packs from an online fundraising company or call Hershey at 800-803-6932 to be connected with a distributor for your local area.

World's Finest Chocolate Fundraising

World's Finest® Chocolate also offers a well-known candy bar fundraising program that can yield up to 50 percent profit. You can opt to sell their $1 or $2 bars, each of which is made of premium chocolate and comes in a variety pack with multiple flavors. The $1 bars are sold only through fundraisers, so they're a special treat that buyers can only get from supporting a nonprofit group. The company will also customize wrappers with the name and logo of the organization that is raising money, along with a brief personalized message (such as the group's slogan). Public and private schools don't have to pay upfront, as they are automatically approved for credit. Other groups can apply for credit. Connect with a local representative for more information.

See's Candies Yum Raising

See's Candies uses the phrase "yum raising" to describe its fundraising program. They offer several options, including allowing groups to sell online. Your group will just need to provide supporters with a link they can use to order what they want. Their items are shipped directly to them, and your group automatically receives a commission on each purchase. They also allow groups to take preorders for candy, which keeps you from having to order candy before you know how much you will sell. See's also offers a traditional program in which groups purchase candy by the carton to sell directly to customers. Groups can earn up to 50 percent profit with any of these programs. Reach out to a local fundraising representative to learn more.

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates also offers a candy bar fundraising program that features more than a dozen candy bar flavors. You can choose to order fundraising packs with just one type of candy per case, or a variety pack that features several varieties. When you are approved to set up an account with this company, your group won't have to pay upfront for the candy it orders to sell. Groups are encouraged to sell the candy bars for $2 each or two for $3. With this model, groups can earn between 50 and 60 percent profit. They also offer a seasonal catalog fundraising program. You can sign up online or call 800-706-6275 to speak with a member of the company's fundraising team.

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Van Wyk Confections

Van Wyk Confections offers a candy bar fundraising program that allows groups to sell great tasting candy that's appropriate for people with certain kinds of food allergies or special dietary needs. The delicious candy in their chocolate bar fundraising packs is certified to be peanut-free and gluten-free, as well as kosher. They also have local fundraising representatives who will connect directly with groups looking to raise money by selling candy bars, to help set them up for success and maximize earnings. Groups can earn between 40 and 50 percent profit with this program.

Amazon Fundraiser Candy Bars

It's also possible to buy candy bar fundraising kits via Amazon. While this may be a viable option, be sure to do your research before making a decision to go this route. Compare the prices to what you can get by going directly through the brand's official fundraising program. In some cases, the prices may be comparable or better, but not always. Many Amazon sellers will purchase from a manufacturer in bulk to resell on Amazon. In that case, what they are selling may be below retail, but it may cost more than what you would pay by purchasing through the company's official fundraising program. You also won't receive any fundraising support or be able to participate in company-sponsored incentive programs if you choose this option.

Tips for a Successful Candy Bar Fundraiser

Once you have set a goal for your candy bar fundraiser and selected a program to use, it's time to put your fundraising plans into action and start selling candy. Keep in mind the following tips for successful candy bar fundraiser sales:

  • Choose a chairperson and committee to oversee the fundraiser.
  • Get buy-in from the group members (kids and parents alike) who will be selling candy.
  • Promote the candy bar sale to the community via flyers, social media posts, and various guerilla marketing strategies.
  • Decide when and where to sell candy. For example, you may want to set up at group events or meetings, or sell door-to-door.
  • If door-to-door sales are involved, train those who will be selling candy to do so safely.

Raise Money by Selling Candy Bars

With a good fundraising program paired with proper planning and execution, it is definitely possible to raise money by selling candy bars. The only thing sweeter than the taste of the products you're selling will be the sight of your organization's bank balance growing. Selling candy is a simple way for many organizations like schools and sports teams to raise money.

Candy Bar Fundraiser: A Sweet Way to Raise Money