Easy Cheerleading Routines

Little league cheerleaders; © Americanspirit | Dreamstime.com

When you're first starting out as a cheerleader or your squad is still young, it is important to keep the routines simple. A very easy routine is perfect because everyone can do the motions, and the routine will be easily remembered in the middle of the excitement of a game. With new cheerleaders, focus more on technique than learning complicated cheerleading motions. Here are some simple routines to try with your squad.

Videos of Easy Cheerleading Routines

Two Easy Sideline Cheers Routines

This video features two separate cheers. Each cheer is repeated several times with the cheerleader demonstrating while facing front, then back, then front again. Below you will find the same cheers but with different words, so you can still follow along with the timing in the video. You can use either version for your own routine or make up something completely different.

Cheer Them On

The four lines are repeated, so this is an easy cheer for younger and beginner cheerleaders to remember. The motions are in parenthesis, but you an also view the video to see the exact way this routine is performed.

Cheer them on (beginning stance, step forward with right leg and turn slightly sideways, bend elbows and lift palms facing up and make pumping up motion)
Make them hear it (pull right foot back so that feet are together, bend knees, put left hand on hip and right hand cupped to ear)
We've got that (step forward with right foot and do a low V)
Hornet spirit! (cross arms over chest, high V, back to beginning stance)

Down the Field

Five, six, seven, eight (start in a clap position at chest level, right arm down in low V position while left arm stays in front of chest, lift right arm back into clap, repeat on opposite side)
Run the ball down the court/field (right bow and arrow, left bow and arrow, left hand on hip while right arm punches down in V position - punch twice)
Eagles, run! (clap, right arm V position, clap)
Eagles, go! (left arm V position, clap)

Boom Dynamite

This video shows a simple and popular cheer called Boom Dynamite that is fun and easy for even the youngest squads to learn. Or, try the following cheer that is similar in nature and just as easy to learn.


Our team is hot (start in ready position, step forward with right foot, right punch, tabletop, low touchdown)
Dynamite got's nothing on us (step out with right foot, lift arms out to sides with elbows bent and palms up flat in questioning pose)
Let's wind it up and let it go (start to lower arms to the sides in sharp movements)
Explosion (step forward with right foot, right punch, tabletop, low touchdown)
Yeah, yeah (clap, clap)
Explosion (step forward with right foot, right punch, tabletop, low touchdown)


Hustle is a super easy routine that can be repeated several times. Once you've mastered this one, try the following unique cheer:

Warrior Shuffle

Clap it out (right punch, clap)
Do the Warrior shuffle (beginning stance, take right arm and swing it back in a circular motion, brushing your leg, repeat with left arm, end in a clap)
Clap it out (right punch, clap)
Our boys don't get ruffled (take a step back with right leg and move arms into T)
Go Warriors! (high V, back to beginning stance)
Go, Go! (right punch, left punch)

Two Unique Sample Routines

If you're looking for more easy cheerleading routines to add to your repertoire, try one of these.

Raiders Got

Raiders got game (start in ready position, broken T, T, beginning stance)
We will not be tamed (tabletop position, point at chest with thumbs, low V, right K)

Raiders got style (clap hands in front of chest, broken T, T)
We plan to win by a mile (high V, left K)

Go Raiders! (toe touch jump)

Do you Dig It?

Do you dig it? (daggers, step out with right foot, low V)
That Bulldog beat (tabletop, low right punch twice)

Have you got it? (daggers, step out with right foot, low V)
Stomp your feet (stomp, stomp, stomp)

Dig, dig, dig (make motion as though digging with shovel)
The Bulldogs! (touchdown)

Stomp, stomp, stomp (stomp forward with right foot, stomp back feet together, stomp forward with right foot, clap hands with each stomp)
The Bulldogs! (touchdown)

Choosing the Easiest Cheers for Your Team

These cheers will get you started, but when selecting simple cheers for your squad look for ones that use basic motions and are short and to the point. Some of the easiest routines for beginners to learn are those that repeat several times. Focusing on a few motions at first allows new cheerleaders to perfect the basics before moving on to more advanced skills.

Easy Cheerleading Routines