Connections Board Game: Rules and Tips for a Superior Experience

Updated September 7, 2021
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The Connections board game is perfect for small groups of friends who are looking to pass time in waiting rooms, airports, or anywhere else you can imagine.

What Is the Connections Board Game?

Put simply, Connections is a strategy board game that is meant for only two players, although you can add more people to the fun by playing in teams. According to the box instructions, the game is appropriate for those aged 6 to 106, and one will find the goal is really simple enough for both children and adults to play together.

The Connections board game was published in 1991 and was a decade favorite. Today, it is still available in some game stores, as well as online auctions and flea markets.

How to Play the Connections Board Game

Start by placing the board game on a table or other flat surface and have players sit at right angles across from each other. Each player should decide if he would like to play the red or white side.

The goal of the game is to make a line or "connection" of your designated color across the entire board with your square playing pieces, or block in your opponent so he is unable to do so.

Take turns placing your color tiles end to end in the direction you choose to go across the board. You are not allowed to put your tiles between your designated color square and the edge of the board. Instead, you must move independently across the board. You can start anywhere on the board as long as you make it completely across somehow, and you cannot place your tiles end to end with those that are already laid down - in other words, you cannot switch directions and then add on through a backtrack route.

If you choose to "box in" an opponent instead of trying to make a clean break across the board, then you are again not allowed to use the edges of the board - you must completely surround them with your tiles. The tricky part is to not risk getting boxed in yourself, since you cannot place your tiles at the end of their rows, which can be a daunting task.

Tips and Perks to Playing

If you want to get good at Connections, then play with as many different people as possible. This will open your eyes to new strategies and make you a well-rounded competitor. It is claimed there are over 51,000 ways to win or be defeated at the Connections board game - see how many you can find!

Connections is a great traveling game, as an entire game usually lasts less than 20 minutes, meaning you can pop it out anywhere without committing to a super involved game (sorry, Monopoly!)

You can also play in teams, but when you do, talking between teammates is not allowed. Everyone must remain silent during play to keep it fair and focused. Original box instructions will guide you through eight different strategy pointers that will keep things interesting and challenging.

Finding the Connections Board Game

The Connections board game was published by a European company and unfortunately is out of print, so it's impossible to find at your local toy store. However, some issues are still available via sites such as Amazon or eBay, and you will love the vintage feel and simple yet complex game play if you manage to own one.

If you're unable to nab a copy, go to your local game store and pick up the also classic Connect Four. It's still in print and similar in game style and time duration.

Laid-Back Fun for All Ages

If you're looking for a quick, simple game for everyone in the family, it might be worth trying to track down a copy of Connections. A bit of strategy and creativity is all you need to play this classic game.

Connections Board Game: Rules and Tips for a Superior Experience