Reasons to Donate Used Furniture

Updated April 14, 2018
Moving a Couch

One of the best ways to help out a charitable organization is to donate used furniture from your home or office that you no longer need. Nonprofits often rely on donated furniture to outfit their offices, share with people who aren't able to afford furnishings of their own, or raise money via thrift store sales.

Someone Can Use Your Castoffs

If you are replacing furniture items in your home or office, there's a good chance the pieces you no longer want or need can be used by a nonprofit organization. While you could throw out or recycle these items, you'll get more satisfaction out of knowing you've helped someone in need. For low-income families having a bed or couch may be a luxury they can't afford.

Easier to Offload

Getting rid of large items like sofas or dining tables can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Instead of taking the time to market and sell your item or leaving it out on your curb for days on end, see if you can find a nonprofit who will pick up the donation. All you have to do is make a phone call and the bulky, unwanted furniture is out of your life for good.

Tax Advantages of Furniture Donations

Many types of donations offer tax advantages for the donor. Assuming that you are donating your old furniture to a recognized nonprofit organization, you will be able to write off the donation on your income tax return, resulting in a possible savings on your year-end tax bill. Make sure you receive a receipt for your contribution to include with your tax documents.

It's Still Worth Money

While the profits from selling a used piece of furniture might not make a splash in your finances, it could make or break the budget for a needy family or nonprofit. A little elbow grease from a volunteer could help the charity earn a hundred dollars or more depending on the item and its condition. Just because the piece is not valuable to you doesn't mean it has no value at all.

Environmentally Responsible Option

Sharing unneeded furnishings with charitable organizations can also be part of your efforts to incorporate green living strategies into your lifestyle. Donating furniture pieces you no longer need is certainly an environmentally responsible alternative to throwing them away. There's no sense in allowing items someone might be able to use to clog up landfills, especially when there are nonprofits actively seeking donations of used furniture.

It Can Become Something Else

While your dining chairs might not match your table anymore, they could be the perfect match to complete a used set someone else has. If your old bed frame can't hold a mattress anymore, a little creativity could turn it into a usable bench. You might not be creative, handy, or have the time to transform old furniture, but volunteers and employees at a charity may be able to give it new life with a new use.

Pay It Forward

If someone else gave you the furniture as a gift, it may feel awkward to sell it when you can't use it anymore. Pay the gesture forward and give the piece to someone else as a gift. You'll feel better about re-gifting the item and may inspire the next person to pay it forward too.

Furniture Donation Tip

Used furniture pieces don't have to be in perfect condition, but they should be safe and in good enough shape that they could be put to use without too much effort. If they aren't in great shape, however, a charitable organization may have a volunteer who can refurbish the items. There are many reasons to donate used furniture; no matter what your reason is, you can feel good about your contribution.

Reasons to Donate Used Furniture