Where to Donate Used Toys in Brooklyn

Updated May 4, 2018
Box of used toys for donation

There are opportunities to donate used toys in Brooklyn, New York. As with any large urban center, you may find nonprofits, religious institutions, and governmental entities use toys to help children. Other organizations place donated toys for sale in thrift stores as a way to fund charitable projects.

Brooklyn Charities That Accept Used Toys

The charities listed below are a few of the Brooklyn organizations that accept used toys. Talk to the receiving organization before making a donation. Find out specific needs as demand changes frequently. Discuss the donation guidelines and policies, such as tax deduction receipts. Some organizations will pick up; others have specific times and places for dropping off items.

Organization Info
Organization Donation Type Website Notes
Salvation Army Drop-off and pick up service www.satruck.org The Salvation Army resells items in its thrift stores. The proceeds fund adult rehabilitation centers. There are four Salvation Army locations in the Brooklyn area. Pick up services are also available and may be scheduled by phoning 1-800-SA-TRUCK or 1-800-728-7825.
Chesed Center Pick up and drop-off service http://thechesedcenter.com/ Families in need throughout NYC and Israel directly receive the donated goods after they are distributed to Chabad houses, or Jewish community centers. Use their easy online tool to schedule a pickup. Regular pickup days in Brooklyn are Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. You can also find Chesed Center donation boxes around the area or call 1-347-837-8256 to schedule a pickup.
Goodwill Drop-off www.goodwillnynj.org/donate-goods Proceeds from the sale of donated items in Goodwill thrift stores fund employment programs for individuals with disabilities. Find a local store like the one on Livingston St., donation bin or DonationXpress center to drop off vintage or collectible toys and stuffed animals.
Center Against Domestic Violence Drop-off, Call first http://www.cadvny.org/ Women and their children fleeing domestic violence situations at home find support, shelter, and a new start with CADV. The Center accepts donations at their 25 Chapel Street location in Brooklyn, but asks that you call 1-718-254-9134 first to schedule your drop off.

Additional Suggestions

Other places that may accept donations of used toys include:

  • Local churches and synagogues
  • Day care centers
  • Homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters
  • Missionary groups
  • Seasonal drives, especially during December
  • Animal shelters

Put Unwanted Toys to Good Use

If there are outgrown, unloved, or excess toys around, consider giving them to an organization that will put them to good use. With several places to donate used toys in Brooklyn, the process is easy and benefits all.

Where to Donate Used Toys in Brooklyn