5 Ways to Play the Family Feud Online Game

Updated February 16, 2022
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If you love watching Family Feud the game show, you'll love playing Family Feud on your computer or mobile device. Play alone or against others in these exciting versions of the classic game show where you're challenged to decipher the most popular answer other people gave to a question. Learn more about where you can play family feud online games.

Family Feud Live! App

If you want to take Family Feud on the go, this free mobile version is ideal. Family Feud Live! is a fun, multi-player version of the original online game rated T for Teen. Created by UMI Mobile, the android app is rated 12 + because some of the questions relate to topics like tobacco and alcohol. The more you win, the more coins and tickets you earn to keep playing. While the app is free, VIP members pay up to $5 in a monthly subscription to ensure enough tickets for unlimited play. Reviewer Nik says this version has "enough variety (of modes) to suit any amount of time availability" but, technical issues and poor explanation of the coin and ticket systems make it less appealing as a long-term game.

How to Play

Start by inviting your Facebook friends to compete either in a head-to-head contest or a small group tournament. You can even use the in-game chat to trash talk each other as you play. Next, choose the mode. Then, each player reads the question and types in an answer. The auto-fill feature helps ensure you select appropriate answers. There are four modes of play to choose from:

  • Challenge 1-on-1 in Classic Feud Fun - It's you against one friend in three rounds of standard gameplay where each round features increasing point values. The player with the most points after three rounds wins.
  • Tournament Mode - Challenge up to three friends in an elimination-style tournament. If you lose a round, you're out of the tournament. If you win all three rounds, you're the winner.
  • Fast Money -You and one opponent race to answer five questions as quickly as you can. The person who guesses the most high-rated answers wins the round.
  • Live - This mode is all about being chill. Find a friend to play with and hit go.

Where to Buy

No matter what type of device you own, you can play this exciting version of Family Feud.

  • Get the Android app in the Google Play Store where reviewers give the game 3.9 out of 5 stars.
Screenshot of Google Play Store - Family Feud Live
  • If you've got an IOS device, download the game from the iTunes App Store where customers give the latest version 4.4 out of 5 stars.
Screenshot of App Store - Family Feud Live

Online Family Feud Games

You can also find free online versions of the game that incorporate all the fun of the game show with simple graphics and fun sound effects. However, there are a few advertisements that pop up during gameplay. With four rounds of regular play and two tries on the Fast Money portion, a single game doesn't take more than ten or fifteen minutes to complete.


Arkadium offers an official Family Feud game to play. You can sign up and play. You also have the option to take a survey or just play the game without signing in. When you hit play, you are instantly taken to the game, and a random player is selected for you to compete against. This game is fun and simple to play.

The game starts with two rounds where you get 20 seconds to figure out the top answers to each question. Game show rules apply, so three wrong guesses and the round is over. In round three, the points double, and you have to guess the top five answers. Points triple in round four with only the top three answers on the board. In the Fast Money round, you get fifty seconds to answer five questions then 55 seconds to make a second guess on each question. If you get 200 points, you win.

Trivia Today Games

You can also play the official version on Trivia Today Games. This is the same game offered by Arcadium, so the requirements are the same. However, you can bookmark this page or add it to your desktop for easy playing fun.


While not the official game Family Feud, Arcadespot offers a similar game to Family Feud called GuessIT. All you have to do is hit play for this game to start. It follows the same rules as the original Family Feud game. You are given a topic and must select the top choices. You get three chances and if you miss then the other team gets the points.


Purchase the video game version for around $10 in the PlayStation Store if you've got a PS4. You'll need a PlayStation Network account to play the multi-player variation with others online, but also have the option for solo play in this rated E for Everyone game. Since the game is more developed than the free online versions, you'll get more hilarious graphics including family avatars. IGN says this version is "an easily digestible game" and a "quality PSN title worth" your money.

The Top Three Answers

If you're looking for an easy, fun way to play Family Feud alone or with friends, these versions are your top answers. You'll get the excitement and amusement of guessing what others think from any online version of the game. In addition to the Family Feud game online, you can also play it at home with your family through printable questions.

5 Ways to Play the Family Feud Online Game