Free Printable Scrapbooking Stuff

free printable scrapbooking stuff online
Click to download these printable scrapbooking stickers.

Scrapbooking can be an expensive hobby, with all of the supplies and equipment used to design and create each page. Using free printables can cut down on your expenses and offer a whole new avenue to find stickers, backgrounds, papers, and more. Try using some of the following free printable scrapbooking stuff in your next layout.

Free Printable Layouts

Using a ready-made layout doesn't have to limit your creativity. These page layouts give you a basic outline that you can personalize and embellish to make each one unique. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Events and Achievements

Highlight special events or achievements with the following free layouts.

  • Graduation layouts - These simple and elegant layouts offer lots of room for photos and mementos.
  • Printable wedding pages - Print out these wedding layouts to create beautiful thank-you gifts for your wedding party or to use as the first page in your wedding scrapbook.
  • General templates - Choose from trophy, newspaper, hearts, or birthday themes to download and print for free.
  • Baby book printables - While these printable charts and a birth certificate aren't specifically designed as layouts, you can print them out as full pages to add to any baby book.
  • New Year's Eve layouts - Celebrate the start of a new year with one of these two festive layouts.
  • Thanksgiving pages - Add photos and journaling to these Thanksgiving layouts for beautiful holiday pages in no time.

Trips and Travel

What better way to highlight your travels then with these fun layouts.

sunny beaches scrapbook layout
Print this beach-themed scrapbook layout.
  • Travel layouts - Whether you're crossing the globe or going on a simple camping trip, these layouts will showcase the highlights of your trip.
  • Mexico themes - Capture the essence of your trip to Mexico with one of these three printable layout designs.
  • Beach layouts - A day at the beach offers lots of memories for families and friends. Take lots of photos and preserve them using these beach-inspired pages.
  • Zoo themed layouts - Make your trip to the zoo extra special by scrapbooking your favorite animal exhibits.

Printable Papers

purple scrapbook paper
Choose one of these purple papers to print.

Printable paper in a variety of themes and patterns is a fantastic resource. No need to rush to the store or wait for an online order to arrive! Simply print the design you like and use it right away.

  • Multiple scrapbook papers to print - Choose from over 100 different patterns and styles in a wide variety of colors. Each paper comes in two different sizes.
  • Digital scrapbook backgrounds - Digital scrapbook elements can be printed and used in traditional scrapbooking, including this great assortment of backgrounds that you can use like any other paper.
  • Country music paper - Preserve your memories of a country music concert with these patterned papers, which include familiar motifs.
  • Native American scrapbook paper - Celebrate your own heritage or that of your country with one of these three patterns.

Holiday Papers

Holidays are perfectly suited to scrapbook layouts. Preserve your holiday memories with these themed papers you can print:

  • Christmas scrapbook paper - For Christmas themed pages, choose from these pretty holiday papers. Just click on the ones you want to use and print them out. You can also print out these digital Christmas papers for an even wider assortment.
  • Easter scrapbook paper - Easter themes can be used for everything from religious services to an Easter egg hunt.
  • Halloween paper and more - Celebrate Halloween with this collection of printable papers, layouts, patterns, and borders.

Free Scrapbook Embellishments to Print

animal clip art
Click to download and print this animal clipart page.

Scrapbook embellishments add an extra touch to your pages, drawing attention to the main sections and extending your theme. These free embellishments are quick to print and cut out.

  • Themed clipart - These clipart pages cover a number of themes, from babies to birthdays and many more.
  • Scrapbooking cutouts - These shapes include unique designs like puzzle pieces, buttons, and hand prints.
  • Printable frames - Frames are versatile embellishments that can be used for photos, quotes, and anything else you want to highlight.
  • Scrapbook patterns - These basic pattern shapes are perfect when you're low on colored printer ink, or need something simple to customize for your layout.
  • Stickers to print - Print these stickers on special adhesive-backed paper, or use plain paper or cardstock for pretty embellishments.
  • Digital stickers - These downloadable stickers can be used for digital scrapbooking or print them out to use on your physical scrapbook pages.
  • Christmas fonts - Give your Christmas pages eye-catching titles with these fun holiday fonts.
  • Love poems and embellishments - Create a beautiful layout devoted to love with these original poems and embellishments.
  • Scrapbooking borders - Border give your pages a finished look and can add a nice splash of color. Choose from a variety of patterns that include animals, flowers, hearts, and more.
  • Die cuts - While true die cuts can't actually be printable, you can use these designs just as you would real die cuts.
  • Baby scrapbook embellishments - Download these papers, cutouts, and borders to add to your baby-themed pages.

Create Great Layouts with Free Printables

Now you can create beautiful pages with all of the traditional scrapbook elements, without leaving home to pick up supplies. Combine these free printables with the items you already have on hand for memorable, one-of-a-kind pages that you'll be proud to display and share.

Free Printable Scrapbooking Stuff