Full Game of Scattergories Online: 3 Solid Options

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Scattergories is a fun trivia game that you can play solo or with friends and family. This game is easy to play, keeps the brain active and engaged, and is a great way to pass the time. There are several full versions of the game that are available online or through apps.

Playing Scattergories Online

If you don't have the storage space to download an app, or if you just prefer to play games online, there are some great choices for full versions of Scattergories. There are a couple of great free online choices.

Scattergories Online

This website is super easy to use and does not have an excessive amount of pop-ups. Ads were shown to the right and bottom of the game. All you have to do is click new game and select how many players you'd like to join. You do not need to download anything or setup an account to access the game. You can either play with friends, or you can open it up for other online gamers to join you. The minimum amount of players is two, and there is a maximum of nine. In this game you can:

  • Play up to 10 rounds at a time. You can play up to six rounds without logging in to the site, but anything over that amount and you will need to login. Logging in is easy and doesn't require much effort. All you'll need to do is connect through either your Facebook or Google account with one simple click.
  • Select from a list of 10 category options before playing depending on what your preferences are.
  • Select how long you'd like each round to be. Round timing ranges from 60 seconds to 300 seconds.
  • Choose when you'd like each round to end. You can end it based on a timeout or when the stop button is pressed.
  • This game is completely free and can be setup within minutes.
  • The game's appearance is very clear, easy to read and feels high quality to interact with.
    Scattergories Online

Apps for Scattergories

There are great options available if you are looking for a free download of Scattergories to play on your phone or tablet. This game is super fun to play when you are bored, and it's also an easy way to connect with friends during the day.

Google Play

The Google Play store offers a full version of Scattergories for free. Out of the 16,000 players, the game got a ranking of four stars overall. When you download this app, you can either play against another random player or connect it to your Facebook and play with friends or family members. This app does have ads in it, but they appear after you've finished a round of playing, not during your game. You will also need an Android version 4.1 and higher to be able to download it successfully. This game features:

  • Multi-player options where you can play with friends or other gamers
  • An auto-correct feature that helps correct your answers so you can make better time
  • An automatic bug update that keeps the game from becoming too glitchy
  • A points system where you can earn prizes depending on your score
  • Helpful customer service if you need assistance at any point of have feedback
    Scattergories for Android OS
    Scattergories for Android OS

iTunes Store

At the iTunes store, you can download Scattergories for free. This app works with iOS devices 8.0 and higher and is about 147 MB. Users ranked this app a 4.5 overall. Many users note the game is really fun to play, but they were bothered by the amount of time they had to watch ads while playing. Many users noted the ads lasted for about 30 seconds, and they found that to be a bit too long. You can opt to remove the ads by paying three dollars. When you download this game, you are able to:

  • Connect to your Facebook and play against friends and family members
  • Play in tournament mode and compete against an even more difficult timed challenge
  • Dispute a rejected word to customer service if the game was unable to recognize your word
  • Keep track of your wins with a leaderboard
  • Earn points to gain time boosters
  • Decrease loading time and bugs with frequent automatic app updates

Play Scattergories Online

Scattergories is an awesome game that is easy to access online and through various app stores. By keeping in mind the pros and cons when deciding on which download to go with, you're sure to find the right fit for your gaming needs.

Full Game of Scattergories Online: 3 Solid Options