51 Fun Activities to Do by Yourself That'll Cure Boredom

Take yourself on a date doing something you love, or get ideas for things you can do from the comfort of home.

Published April 24, 2022
solo woman having fun getting popcorn at movie theater

You don't have to be in a pair or a group to have a great time, nor do you have to just chill on the sofa or do chores when you're on your own. Any time is a great time to enjoy spending quality time solo. Check out this list of 51 fun activities to do alone, then get ready to have a great time with no one other than yourself.

17 Fun Things to Do Alone to Make You Happy

There are a lot of happiness-inducing ideas for things to do on your own. The key is to find an activity that will help you find your bliss. One of the following options might be perfect for you.

1. Go Yard Saling

Do you jump for joy when you find a bargain? If you're looking for a fun weekend activity, wake up early on a Saturday and check YardSales.net and EstateSales.net to create a route of sales in your local area. Head out the door whenever you're ready, and browse for bargains at your own pace.

2. Scour Thrift Stores

While most yard sales and estate sales are held on weekends, the majority of thrift stores are open just about every day of the week. That means you can head out bargain hunting whenever you have a bit of free time on your own, rather than having to wait for the weekend to roll around.

3. Shop for Antiques

Are you ecstatic when you discover unique treasures from days gone by? Set aside some solo time to explore antique stores in your town or within an hour or two of your home base. Spend an afternoon, or a whole day, scouring antiques malls or shops for vintage treasures that make your heart sing.

4. Spend a Solo Day at the Spa

woman at spa drinking herbal tea

Do you need a bit of pampering and downtime? Make an appointment at the local spa and escape from it all, or schedule a solo spa vacation for a few days. Choose a spa that includes a quiet room and a jacuzzi or sauna that guests can enjoy in between fee-based spa services and spend the entire day relaxing and recharging on your own.

5. Get Your Nails Done

Even if you can't spare the time (or the cash) to spend a full day at a spa, set aside a bit of me time to get your nails done. Rather than being expected to make banter with a group of companions, when you go to the nail salon on your own, you can fully decompress and relax while the nail technician works their magic.

6. Go to an Amusement Park

If your recent visits to amusement parks have been more about making sure that everyone else is safe and having fun, consider heading to a theme park on your own. That way, you can ride all the rides you want, as many times as you want, without having to worry if they're age-appropriate for the kiddos or considering what everyone else wants to do.

7. Go to a Museum

The next time you have a free day, consider visiting a museum that you'd love to experience. After all, the best museum outings are the ones where you can linger at the exhibits that interest you the most, while walking on by the ones that don't strike your fancy. You can do exactly that when you tour a museum on your own.

8. Take a Class

If there's a skill that you've always wanted to learn, register for a virtual or in-person class and start learning. Many colleges and city activity departments offer affordable non-credit classes that anyone can sign up to attend. If you'd rather not go to an in-person class, explore options via virtual resources like Masterclass and Udemy.

9. Go to a Movie

Who says you need company to go to a movie? Sneak a few hours in the middle of the day when no one is counting on you to focus on their needs and immerse yourself in a big-screen movie. Get any snacks you want, sit in your favorite spot in the theater, and settle in for a relaxing cinematic experience.

10. Explore a Nearby Community

Choose a small town within an hour or so of your home and spend a few hours exploring the community. Stroll the downtown area, eat at a locally owned restaurant, check out local attractions, and explore local shops. Check out the website for the town's Chamber of Commerce in advance of your outing as an easy way to identify must-visit places.

11. Go to a Farmer's Market

Visit a local farmer's market to find your produce for the week rather than buying it at the supermarket. You may also be able to snag some locally made preserves, freshly baked bread, or local honey. You'll also have a great time shopping in a relaxed, outdoorsy setting and it'll feel great to support local farmers.

12. Go on a Solo Vacation

If you have a few days off from work, consider taking a vacation on your own. You can do something as simple as hitting the road or taking to the skies on your own to explore a destination that you've always wanted to visit. Or, you could sign up to go on a group tour that's exclusively for solo travelers. In this case, you'll be traveling with other people, but everyone in the group will be on their own rather than traveling with family members or a close friend.

13. Volunteer at a Food Bank

If you find the idea of helping people who are less fortunate than you to be enjoyable, set aside some of your alone time to volunteer at a local food bank. Any time you can give will be appreciated. You'll probably spend your time inventorying donated food, assembling food boxes to be given out, or passing out food boxes to people in need who come in for assistance.

14. Scale a Rock Climbing Wall

Go to a local climbing gym and challenge yourself to scale the wall. If you're new to this activity, call the gym ahead of time to find out when they tend to be the least crowded. Plan your visit accordingly, so you'll be able to concentrate on mastering the skill rather than on who else is around.

15. Throw an Axe

Throwing axes can be surprisingly fun and exhilarating. If you're looking to unleash a bit of stress while also having fun on your own, go to an axe throwing venue. For a nominal fee, you'll be able to rent some axes and a throwing lane for a set period of time. Your task will be simple - tune out everything else and fling your axes at the target.

16. Go to a Rage Room

If you like the idea of having fun in a way that can also help you de-stress, you may enjoy visiting a rage room when you have some time on your own. At this type of business, you'll pay a fee to be able to go into a safe setting and simply smash things. Not only is this a blast, but it's also a great way to vent and work out your frustrations.

17. Get a Tattoo

Ready for some new ink? Whether it's your first ink or you're looking to add more, getting a tattoo is a great activity to undertake on your own. Decide where to place your tattoo and what design you want, then head out to a local tattoo artist for some me-time that will mark you for life (in a good way!).

17 Fun Activities to Do by Yourself Outside

There is always something to do outdoors, including many great solo activities. Consider the following options:

1. Go for a Hike

Love the great outdoors? Hiking is a great solo adventure option. Just locate a nature trail within an easy driving distance of your home and head out to explore it on your own. Consider making a list of trail options and set aside a bit of time each week or each month to check out a new one.

2. Go Jogging

If you've dreamed of taking up running but haven't gotten around to it, set aside some solo time to start jogging. This will help you build up the stamina and confidence that you need to graduate to running. When you jog or run on your own, this is a great time to clear your mind or to listen to your favorite music or podcasts while also boosting your health and fitness level.

3. Go for a Bicycle Ride

For a kid, there's nothing more exhilarating than the freedom and independence of having your own two-wheeled, pedal-powered mode of transportation. Recapture that sense of freedom and joy as an adult by taking up bicycling again. Whether you go on short jaunts or ride long distances, cycling is a great fitness-focused solo activity.

4. Fly a Kite

Looking for other ways to recreate super-fun childhood memories on your own as a grown-up? Depending on the time of year you're looking to get outside on your own, consider heading to a local park and flying a kite. If the conditions are right, this can be a fabulous way to spend a few hours on your own.

5. Play With a Hula Hoop

Hula hooping is another childhood activity that you can enjoy picking up again as an adult. Not only is it a ton of fun to go outside to do your best to spin a hula hoop around your waist and hips, but it's also fabulous exercise. According to the Mayo Clinic, women can burn about 165 calories in half an hour of hula hooping, while men can burn 200 in the same timeframe.

6. Go Roller Blading

Is there a pair of rollerblades tucked away in your closet or garage? Get them out and head to a spot with a concrete path, then skate to your heart's content. What a wonderful way to have a fabulous time on your own in the great outdoors!

7. Visit the Beach

Take a drive to the shore or a local lake and spend some alone time at the beach. Take a beach towel or folding lounge chair and some books or magazines and prepare to spend a few hours relaxing in the sunshine near the water. Don't forget the sunscreen!

8. Go Kayaking

man solo kayak

Kayaking is a great solo activity, especially if you live near a flat lake or a gently flowing river that you can paddle both upstream and downstream (so you can arrive and depart from the same location). If you find it challenging to load a kayak onto your vehicle alone, invest in an inflatable kayak with a battery-operated pump.

9. Visit a U-Pick Farm

Visit a u-pick vegetable, fruit, or flower farm in your area when your favorite produce or blooms are in season. You'll love strolling the field and hand-selecting the items you want to take home, then picking them fresh. What a great way to spend some quality time with yourself in the beauty of a productive farm field.

10. Go Foraging

For an even more adventurous way to gather your own food, head to a nearby forest or wooded area and try your hand at foraging. Depending on the season, you may be able to gather nuts, edible berries, spring onions, purslane, and more. Take a plant identification guide with you so you can be absolutely certain that everything you gather is, in fact, safe to eat.

11. Get Involved With Geocaching

Do you love a challenge just as much as you enjoy exploring the great outdoors? If so, geocaching might be a perfect activity for you. This fun hobby involves locating hidden objects by using global positioning system (GPS) coordinates posted online. It's super-easy to do on your own. Just download a free geocaching app to your phone and start exploring.

12. Join a Community Garden

If you don't have a place to garden at home but would like to grow some of your own food, look for a community garden near your home where you can rent a plot of your own to plant, tend, and harvest. To find community gardens in your area, inquire at local nurseries, contact your local Cooperative Extension Service office, or review the website of the American Community Gardening Association.

13. Nature Photography

Take your camera into the great outdoors with the special intention of finding beautiful nature scenes to photograph. Whether you head to the city, a rural setting, or a waterfront community, you'll be sure to spot beauty everywhere. Keep an eye out for lovely scenery and be prepared to snap the perfect shot.

14. Paint a Landscape

Set up an easel and canvas at your favorite local park or other outdoor destination and unleash your inner artist. Sketch what you see, then use watercolor paint to bring your initial drawing to life. It's a bonus if you end up with a beautiful work of art, but it's the process of capturing your vision and experience that will nourish your soul.

15. Do Some Birdwatching

If you love the idea of tuning in to nature but photography and painting sound more like work than relaxation, consider birdwatching instead. This is a perfect activity to do on your own. Just head outdoors with a pair of binoculars and a bird identification guide and get to know the local wildlife in a unique way.

16. Go Fishing

Fishing is another great outdoor activity you can do alone. Whether you perch on the shoreline of a lake, pond, or river or go over the water in a small boat, fishing is a great way to commune with nature and enjoy some time on your own. It doesn't matter if you prefer to catch and release or if you're hoping to snag your dinner; the experience is what matters.

17. Enjoy a Solo Picnic

Pack a delicious picnic lunch and head to your favorite park. For a well-rounded alone outing, pair your solo picnic with one or more of the activities above. Or, just spread out your picnic blanket, crank up your favorite playlist, and chill out on your own while you enjoy your meal.

17 Fun Things to Do by Yourself at Home

There are a number of ways to keep yourself busy and entertained at home when you're bored other than your day-to-day chores. Options to consider include:

1. Plant a Butterfly Garden

You don't actually have to leave your home to enjoy outdoor activities. If you want to spend some quality time in your own backyard, plant a butterfly garden. Not only will you have a great time, but you'll also beautify your property and create a habitat that will provide butterflies with a source of food.

2. Grow Veggies in Containers

You don't have to limit your planting activities to growing food sources for butterflies. Dip your toe into the world of vegetable gardening by creating a container garden of your very own. Even if you don't have much of a yard, you can still set up a small container garden. Even apartment or condo-dwellers can grow vegetables in containers on a patio or balcony.

3. Plant a Tree

If you want to beautify your outdoor space but would like to go bigger than just setting up a small container garden, spend some of your solo time planting a tree. Scope out a spot in your backyard and decide what kind of tree to plant. Or, if you have a small space, plant a dwarf fruit tree in a container. Meyer lemon trees and other miniature fruit trees work particularly well as container trees.

4. Train a Bonsai Tree

If you like the idea of working with a tree but want something that will be more engaging than just planting a tree and waiting for it to grow, try your hand at bonsai. This involves selecting a tree that you will prune regularly in order to ensure that it remains small, and training it to grow in a particular shape. Bonsai trees can be kept indoors or outdoors.

5. Play Solo Card Games

Playing solo card games is a fun activity that can help combat boredom while you're at home. Solitaire is always fun, but it's not the only option. If you're bored with the same solo card game you've always played, take the time to learn a new fun card game to play alone and engage your mind.

6. Watch a New Movie

Is there a new movie that no one else you know wants to see? Take advantage of some me-time to watch it on your own. Even if it's not available for free via your favorite streaming services, it's worth paying a few bucks to Vudu or Redbox to rent it while there's no one around to complain or interrupt.

7. Re-Watch a Favorite Movie

Do you have a favorite movie that you've watched so many times that everyone else you know groans whenever the title comes up? Take advantage of having a few hours on your own to watch it yet again. Curl up on your sofa with a big bowl of popcorn and your favorite beverage, then watch your beloved movie as many times as you want.

8. Binge-Watch a TV Series

Choose a TV series that you've been wanting to see but that no one else seems to be interested in and binge-watch it when you have some alone time. Depending on how many episodes there are, you can knock out a full season in a single sitting, or you can enjoy it over a few chunks of me-time.

9. Read a Book

Reading a book is a great activity to do by yourself. Whether you head outdoors to your favorite chaise lounge or you lean back in a recliner, there's nothing more relaxing (or exhilarating, depending on the story) than reading the latest must-read book in your favorite genre.

10. Walk the Neighborhood

Taking a solo stroll around the neighborhood is a great way to get out of the house without actually going anywhere. Walking on your own allows you to set your own pace and focus your attention on the unique sights and sounds that make your neighborhood a special place.

11. Sing Out Loud

You don't have to have an audience to sing out loud, nor do you have to limit at-home singing to the shower. When you're at home alone, belt out a tune any time you want. It doesn't matter if you have a beautiful voice or if you can't carry a tune at all. What matters is how singing makes you feel.

12. Create Repurposed Crafts

Get creative with items you already have that you no longer use and convert them into interesting arts and crafts projects. There are many cool repurposing ideas to consider when you're looking for a cheap and entertaining craft project that will entertain you as well as result in a creative and useful item. For example, old silver forks can be used to make bracelets, and you can repurpose gently used clothing in a variety of ways.

13. Make Handcrafted Soap

making homemade soap

If you're feeling crafty but aren't feeling inspired by the idea of repurposing household goods, try your hand at making your own soap. There are several soap-making methods, many of which are quite simple and don't require lye. When you're done, you'll have handcrafted soap to use at home or for gift-giving.

14. Write a Short Story

If you're feeling creative when you're bored at home, put your thinking cap on and write a short story. Whether you're writing for your own entertainment, you plan to share your short story online, or your goal is to get your story published in an anthology, this kind of creative writing is an enjoyable activity to do on your own at home.

15. Write Poetry

If you like the idea of writing as a fun way to fill the time when you're on your own at home but aren't ready to commit to writing a complete short story, consider writing a poem instead. Poetry writing is a great way to have fun flexing your creative writing muscles. No matter what type of poetry you enjoy, creating your own poems is a wonderful solo pursuit that allows you to express yourself in a unique way.

16. Solve Some Word Games

If you like the idea of putting your language arts skills to work but writing isn't your idea of fun, spend your solo time working through some word puzzles. From crossword puzzles to word searches and a variety of word game apps for your phone or mobile device, there are plenty of fun and challenging options for word games.

17. Play a Video Game

For the ultimate entertainment escape, play a video game. Refresh your skills on a game that was popular in your younger days, or challenge yourself to learn how to play one of the newer games. When the kiddos are around, they'll definitely be impressed with your mad gaming skills... probably.

Make the Most of Your Time on Your Own

The next time you find yourself wondering if there are any fun activities you can do by yourself, you'll know that the answer is yes! There are so many great ways to have a blast on your own. Some require planning and money, but many are low-cost - or even free - and you can do them spontaneously!

51 Fun Activities to Do by Yourself That'll Cure Boredom