Fun Musical Bingo Games With Printable Cards

Published March 25, 2020
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Get teens into the game with printable Bingo games featuring musical themes. Music Bingo cards and themes focus on one topic that has a profound impact on teenagers. From popular dances and artists to musicals and music genres, you can challenge teens' musical knowledge with fun and simple Bingo games. Click on the image of the game and use the troubleshooting guide to download and print the music Bingo you want to try.

Trendy Dance Move Bingo

Test your knowledge of the trendiest dance moves that have been featured in video games like Fortnite and viral videos. Many of the 24 dance moves included on these ten DANCE cards come from popular line dance songs and songs with dance moves in the lyrics.

Dance Move Bingo

Fun Ways to Play Dance Move Bingo

To make the game more fun and interactive:

  • Require players to perform the selected dance move before they can cover it with a Bingo chip.
  • Play the song that made each dance move popular instead of using the call out cards.
  • Make players call out "Dance" when they get a Bingo then perform all the dance moves from their row to win.

Popular Artist and Song Matching Bingo

Any teen who listens to the radio or popular music should be able to match the famous artists to their famous songs from the late 2010s in this music trivia Bingo. Ten SONGO cards feature 24 different popular songs and the include call out cards have the names of 16 popular artists. Some artists are represented by two songs on the SONGO board and teens can cover them both when the artists name is called.

Popular Artist and Song Bingo

Creative Ways to Play Pop Song Bingo

Whether you're playing at a teen's music themed birthday party or in class, making the game interactive makes it more fun.

  • Have players sing the chorus of the song before they're allowed to cover it on their board.
  • Have players do impressions of the famous artists before they can cover songs on their board.
  • Create a bigger challenge by having players find the correct song and play it on their phone or other device, then the first player to do it is the only one who gets to cover that song on their board.

Music Genre Jukebox Bingo

Jukebox Bingo games are played without call out cards because you'll play bits of songs instead of calling out words. You'll need to prep ahead of time and load your music player with a variety of songs from the 12 different music genres illustrated on the GENRE boards.

Music Genre Bingo

Fun Ways to Play Music Genre Bingo

You don't need an actual jukebox to make this game fun, but there are other elements you can add.

  • Instead of playing songs, give each teen a turn to sing or act out a song from any genre for their peers to cover on their boards.
  • Don't talk about what each image on the game board symbolizes and leave it up to the teens to figure it out.
  • Have players name any artist or song, other than the one you played, that fits the genre before they can cover it on their board.

High School Musicals and Songs Bingo

Get inspired by the best high school musicals with your drama club or music department in a game of high school musicals Bingo. Teens will need to match the 15 popular musicals performed at high schools with some of their most popular songs.

Songs From Musicals Bingo

Creative Ways to Play High School Musical Bingo

Since the game is all about musicals, it will be more fun if it includes musical performances.

  • Assign each player a musical before the game. Whenever their musical is drawn, the player has to sing a line from that musical.
  • Ask players to dress in their best costumes that match the musicals from the game.
  • Let the winner pick which musical you'll watch after the game is over.

Music Bingo Themes and Accessories

Teens, parents, and teachers can make music Bingo games fun by adding appropriate accessories and having lots of music on hand during the games.

Music Bingo Themes

If you are making your own music Bingo game, one of these themes could be fun and appropriate for teens.

  • Unique instruments around the world
  • Classical composers
  • Songs you'd play in marching band
  • Music from video games
  • Music theory

Music Bingo Chip Ideas

Instead of dabbers or classic bingo chips, look for music-related items teens can use to cover spaces on their Bingo boards.

  • Earbuds that aren't attached to cords
  • Guitar picks
  • Bingo chips with the "play" symbol drawn on them
  • Musical instrument jewelry charms
  • Reeds that have been cut in half

Have Fun With Music

Musical Bingo games are great for youth groups, teen nights, high school music classes, and even teen birthday parties. Have fun with music and take the challenge to see if you've got what it takes to win musical Bingo.

Fun Musical Bingo Games With Printable Cards