Funniest Dance Videos

Published April 5, 2018
Couple watching funny dance video

Are you a dance enthusiast looking for a good laugh? Check out this selection of some of the funniest dance videos on the internet.

Dancing Grannies

This first video proves that you're never too old to bust a move! These four dancing grannies will have you cracking up.

Dancing Babies

Sometimes you just have to move to the music, even if you don't know how to walk yet. If you need a smile, there's nothing quite like babies busting a move.

Daddy's Girls

These girls know the sound of their daddy's guitar. You can't help but giggle with them!

Just the Boys

Mom's out for the night. Dad and baby have the whole house to themselves. Dance party anyone?

Cats Dancing

What's furry and loves to dance? Your favorite house pets!

The Kitty Whip

Whoa. Cuddles can whip and nene better than most humans do.

Persian Cat Moonwalk

If classic pop is more your flavor, check out this Persian cat doing his best impression of Michael Jackson. You won't believe how good he is at the Moonwalk.


Love a good spoof? So do the folks who made this next set of videos.

"The Flash" Dance

The dancer in this next video is everyone's hero with his Flash Dance Flashdance. Get it?

Sorry Not Sorry

Who says people that are 40 plus and married with kids plus can't have fun? It's a different kind of fun. No, really.

Dance Challenges

Challenge anyone? The folks in these next two videos went all out.

The Pikachu Dance

Relive the 90s with the Pikachu Dance Parody Challenge! Gotta catch em all? Dance em all is more like it!

The Lizard Dance Challenge

This next YouTuber took the Lizard Dance Challenge and ran with it, or rather danced with it! You'll love his commitment.


Want to learn to dance? With the moves in these tutorials, you're sure to get someone looking and perhaps laughing too.

Dance Moves for Millennials

If you're living in the age of selfies and social media, it can be hard to know how to dance. This next video shows you all the dance moves you need to know to survive a night on the town, 25 to be exact!

A Twist On Contemporary Dance

Have you heard of "the pants" or the "elbowless hug?" Well, you're about to be schooled in this extra quirky dance move how-to. Just be warned. This video may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Laugh Out Loud

There's no better way to get a good chuckle than to watch people or animals of any age rocking their greatest, albeit silliest, moves. Nothing beats dance videos on a day when you need a laugh, and perhaps, you'll get the added benefit of learning a new dance move or two.

Funniest Dance Videos