What The Game of Life: Twists & Turns Is All About

Updated August 16, 2021
The Game of Life: Twists & Turns

Some people may feel like life is passing them by with every swipe of their credit/debit card, and the Game of Life: Twists and Turns transforms this feeling into a real-time concern in its modern take on the classic family board game. Take turns going on vacation, buying houses, and having careers in this updated and digital twist on everyone's favorite pastime, The Game of Life.

The Twist on The Game of Life

Hasbro, Inc. has brought the Game of Life into the 21st century in the most relatable, and unexpected, way possible. Today, credit cards are a prominent form of payment in everyday life, and in this new version of the classic game, you make every transaction using a Visa credit card. You're not alone if this change brought a tear of joy to your eye as you and your family won't have to fight over who's going to play the banker or be forced to stay in charge of all the slips of paper money while moving around the large board. Interestingly, some critics feel that including the use of a credit card in a game for young children is not a good idea since the game loses basic learning skills like counting money and feeds more commercialism into an already saturated market. On the other hand, others view that the game is simply updated to reflect everyday life that you can use as a tool to teach kids about money management.

The Game of Life Twists and Turns

The Spinner Gets an Update

One prominent feature of the original Game of Life was the 10-point spinner, which would undoubtedly be launched across the room at some point over the course of a round. In this 'Twist and Turns' version, the game's iconic "spinner" gets a digital update as it becomes an electronic unit called a "LIFEPod" that keeps track of every player's financial data and pertinent information. During each player's turn, the player inserts their VISA card into the LIFEPod, and the unit reveals the number of spaces that they'll move by lighting up the number in red on the edge after the 'spin' key is pressed.

Although the spinner is pretty intuitively designed, it's definitely more advanced than the original Game of Life was. Here's a breakdown of the different keys on this new spinner and what they mean for the game:

  • 1-10 Number Keys: The number keys allow you to type in amounts to add to your account, such as life points or salary, as well as to indicate how many spaces you're allowed to go.
  • Spin Key: Insert your life account card into the spinner and press the spin key to randomize the number of spaces you're allowed to go.
  • Dollar Sign Key: Press this dollar sign key to enter in any monetary amounts you earn to your account.
  • Life Points Key: Press the life points key to enter in any amount of life points that you earn to your account.

Set the Number of Rounds

In the set-up, you'll have to select the number of rounds that you want the game to last on the LIFEPod. This gives players the chance to fit a quick Game of Life into their day when they otherwise wouldn't have had the chance to, thanks to the original games' lengthy board.

The Game Board Gets a Fresh Design

Hasbro also changed the game board itself to reflect this contemporary feeling edition. It's split up into four quadrants called "Learn it", "Live it", "Love it," and "Earn it." This adjustment gives the game a lot more flexibility as players have the option to move into whatever areas they choose to pursue. They can focus all of their time around the board on specific areas of the game if they wish. For instance, spending most of your rounds in the "Earn it" section of the board will give you the most chances to earn promotions and cash that can contribute to higher payoffs at the end of the game.

The Game of Life Twists and Turns

Winning the Game Gets Altered

Also new in the Game of Life: Twists and Turns is how you win. The winner is no longer the player who has the most wealth at the end of the game, but the one that earns the most "life points," which is a combination of life points and money. This total is automatically calculated by the LIFEPod at the end of the last round. You'll enter your life account cards into the pod, which will then prompt the life pod to calculate your final score.

Unique Features of the Updated Game

Although the general rules and purpose of this updated Game of Life are the same as the classic version, there are a couple of new features which you might be interested in testing out yourself.

  • Casino - In the "Live It" section, you can gamble some, or all, of your money in the casino, and either lose, break even, or double your money in the end.
  • Extend Gameplay - If you're having loads of fun and aren't ready to quit when you're on your last round, remove all of the cards and put the number 06 into the number of rounds section. This gives you five additional rounds to keep playing.
  • Life Becomes Optional - Some of the choices that were mandatory in the original Game of Life in order to move onto the next stage, such as buying a house, getting married, or having a kid are optional based on the way you choose to move around the board and spend your money. Yet, these things can all affect your final score, so you shouldn't ignore them altogether.

Everyone's Twisting and Turning Through Life

If you're not a fan of the classic Game of Life because of its dated cultural norms and rigid gameplay, the updated Game of Life: Twists and Turns is a perfect game for you. Be aware though, as the game much more closely mimics contemporary life, you just might find yourself feeling the emotional ups and downs of real-life as you move throughout your fake life in the game.

What The Game of Life: Twists & Turns Is All About