Glossary of Dance Moves

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A glossary of dance moves can help dancers remember proper terminology and technique for different styles of dance. A glossary can also be used to study for classroom exams if applicable.

Basic Dance Glossary

  1. Chaine Turn - a basic turn used in ballet and jazz dance, as well as other styles.
  2. Ball Change - shifting weight from one foot to the other, and back again.
  3. Grapevine - a dancer steps out to the side, crosses the other foot in front, steps out to side again, and crosses the other foot behind.
  4. First Position - One of five ballet positions. Heels touch and toes pointed outward, forming a line with the feet. Arms are rounded.
  5. Second Position - One of five ballet positions. Feet are separated about shoulders' width, with toes turned outward. Arms are outstretched with slight rounding.
  6. Third Position - One of five ballet positions. Left foot stays forward while the right heel meets the arch of the left foot , with right toes turned outward. Right arm is outstretched to side, left is rounded above head.
  7. Fourth Position - One of five ballet positions. Right foot is turned out in front of the left at a distance, and left arm is rounded over the head. Right arm is rounded in front, just as in first position.
  8. Fifth Position - One of five ballet positions. Both feet are turned out in different directions - toe to heel, heel to toe. Both arms are rounded above head.
  9. Pique Turn - Dancer steps out on one foot, and a complete turn is made on releve while the opposing foot's toes are brought up to the inside knee.
  10. Releve - To balance on your toes, either stationary or in movement.
  11. Kick Ball Change - one foot kicks either forward, to the side or to the back, and then is brought behind for a ball change step.
  12. Heel Pull - found in ballroom dancing, a half turn is completed on each heel.
  13. Derriere - French for "directly behind the body." Referenced often in ballet.
  14. Pas de Deux - a two-person dance, usually a male/female duet
  15. Double Turn - two full rotations of any dance turn (pique, attitude, pencil, etc.)
  16. Attitude Turn - while turning on releve, one leg is bent backward behind the body, leading the turn outward.
  17. Glissade - a small leap to the side, almost a gliding motion across the floor.
  18. Plie - a bend of the knees in any of the five ballet positions
  19. Pas de Bourree - a connecting step used in dance combinations, it involves the transfer of weight from one foot to the other, usually to "prep" for a turn or leap.
  20. Bridge - body is arched upside down, supported by the hands and feet with head dropped downward.
  21. Working Leg - the leg that is currently being used in a dance step
  22. Developpe - leg is brought up so the knee is bent at waist length, and then the leg is extended straight outward.
  23. Dos a Dos - two people rotate completely around each other without touching, their backs to one another.
  24. Split Leap - legs "switch" back and forth in midair during the leap
  25. Tour Jete - a jump in which one foot steps out to the side, and the other foot kicks around in a leap to meet the other foot. Dancer lands on kicking foot. Arms are outstretched, over the head during the leap, and then brought down again.
  26. Feather Step - in partner dancing, the man takes four steps toward the woman, with the third step going around the outside of her body.
  27. Aplomb - a stationary position
  28. Arabesque - one leg supports while the other is extended up and behind the body
  29. Ballerino - Italian term for male ballet dancer
  30. Barre - a horizontal single or double barre used for ballet warm ups and balance during instruction of new steps
  31. Fan Kick - a kick that rotates 180 degrees in the air
  32. Jete - a leap from one foot to the other
  33. Grand Jete - a large leap that literally forms the splits in the air
  34. Splits - one leg stretched straight in front of the body and one stretching directly behind
  35. Passe - the toes of one foot are brought up to the knee of the opposing leg.
  36. En Pointe - to execute ballet steps on the tips of the toes, wearing special ballet slippers known as pointe shoes
  37. Port de Bras - the movement of the arms into different positions
  38. Rond de Jambe - half circles traced with one foot
  39. Tendu - French for "to stretch", in which a foot reaches out from the body and extends outward, with toes remaining on the floor
  40. Grand Battement - working leg is kicked upward to hip level and brought down again
  41. Retire - much like a passe, only the raised foot literally "rests" against the front or back of the supporting knee
  42. Sissonne - a jump from both feet onto one
  43. Quadrille - a succession of steps in ballroom dancing in which the man dances in turn with the woman
  44. Pirouette - a complete rotation done in place in the "pique" position
  45. Reverence - a bow or curtsy in dance

Online Glossaries of Dance Terminology

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Glossary of Dance Moves