Irresistible Raffle Prize Ideas Under $100

Published November 3, 2020
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Raffle prizes under $100 should be irresistible, so people are enticed to buy a raffle ticket or two. When choosing the prize for your raffle, consider who you wish to sell raffle tickets and if your prize is something most people will desire.

Deciding on Raffle Prizes Under $100

You can find many quality raffle prizes that sell for under $100. If you wish to target a specific group for your raffle, a list of prizes for each group can be helpful in your decision-making process.

Kids' Raffle Prizes Under $100

Finding raffle prizes for children that are under $100 gives you many fun and creative options. You can choose what area of interests you wish to tap into when selecting from the list of possible children raffle prizes that cost under $100.

  • World's Most Powerful Clip-On Microscope Kit: This 200-400x digital magnification lens clips onto your smartphone or tablet camera transforming it into a microscope. Comes with sample slides and slide making kit. Price: Around $80.
  • Hot Wheels Rocket League Stadium Playset: Goals have an infrared sensor for keeping score with two cars. Price: Around $79.
  • BirdRock Gaming Chair: Designed for the floor, it has 14 positions. You can place it flat on the floor for storage. Available in five colors. Price: Around $75.
  • Smart Soccer Ball is a virtual trainer that provides individual feedback via your smartphone or tablet. Price: Around $99.
  • Intelligent Kids Karaoke Machine: Comes with one microphone, adjustable stand, and two base 4W speakers. Plugs into smartphone, MP3 player or tablet. Price: Around $99.99.
  • Monster Vision: Players zap cartoon monsters with a blaster in an augmented reality where monsters appear in the player's real world surroundings. Price: Around $70.

Adult Raffle Prizes Under $100

There are many options for adult raffle prizes that allow you to stay under a $100 raffle prize budget. You can choose a raffle prize that will appeal to most adults.

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Women Raffle Prizes Under $100

You can dazzle women to enter your raffle with the right prizes. From glamour to sports, there are prizes to appeal to just about any woman wanting to take a chance on her luck.

Men Raffle Prizes Under $100

You can draw in the guys with the right raffle prizes. Choose one that will be the best drawing card for your fundraiser.

  • Pace Breaker Short 7" Linerless: Great training/running shorts are also suitable for casual wear. Feature zippered storage and available in six colors. Sizes XS to XXL. Price: Around $68.
  • Daily Harvest Custom Gift Box: Raffle winner can select nine food items. Price: Around $75.
  • Braun Electric Razor for Men: The Series 3 - 3050cc is a rechargeable, wet and dry foil shaver. One-hour charge last a full week. 100% waterproof. Price: Around $99.

Seniors Raffle Prizes Under $100

You can appeal to Seniors with a fun and inspiring raffle prize. From gardening to entertainments, there are many choices for your raffle prizes.

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Online/Virtual Raffle Prizes Under $100

You can have fun choosing online/virtual raffle prizes that almost all ages will enjoy. Choose from online classes to virtual games.

  • PlayStation Now: 12 Month Subscription [Digital Code]: This subscription gives you unlimited access to over 800 PS4, PS3, and PS2 games, unlimited download access to over 300 games you can download to PlayStation 4 console and stream directly and download PS4, PS2 games. Price: Around $60.
  • Cozy Meal Online Cooking Classes: You can offer a $99 gift certificate for a Your Choice of Online Cooking Classes Raffle. Online/virtual cooking classes with various chefs cost between $29 to $39 per class.

  • Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch: This adventure/workout fame engages the gamer with various exercises in the guise of defeating your enemies with Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories. Price: Around $80.
  • Ultimate Switch Accessories Bundle: Amazon's Choice Orzly Geek Pack for Nintendo Switch includes everything any Nintendo Switch gamer could ask for to get the most out of their Nintendo Switch console. Price: Around $75.
  • SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset: Great raffle prize for gamers. 4GHz wireless connectivity use with PS4, PC, Switch Lite, and Android. Engadget's Best Wireless Headset for Nintendo Switch and wired Best Overall Wireless Gaming Headset. Price: Around $99.98.
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Raffle Prize Ideas Under $100 You'll Find Irresistible

With so many irresistible raffle prize ideas under $100, you may decide you need to hold more than one raffle. You can easily hold seasonal or monthly raffles to boost your organization's fundraising!

Irresistible Raffle Prize Ideas Under $100