List of Nonprofit Organizations

Red Cross

Are you looking for a list of nonprofit organizations that is organized by interest? Here is a partial list of non-profit organizations categorized according to specific focus areas. While some of the organizations could fall into numerous categories, each organization appears on the list only once and is categorized according to primary area of interest.

Land Conservation and the Environment

These charities seek to protect the environment through education and conservation initiatives. Charities in these categories may focus on research, direct action, or political and legal advocacy.

General Emergency Relief

These organizations step in and provide relief during difficult times such as natural disaster and war.


These organizations provide support for people forced to flee their homeland due to war, famine, political unrest, disease, and natural disaster.

Medical Assistance

These programs provide medical relief and assistance to people who may not otherwise have access to affordable care for financial, social, or geographical reasons. These organizations may also provide emergency medical relief.

Education, Research and Cultural Preservation Groups

These groups have specific missions geared towards improving education, providing more educational opportunities, promoting cultural awareness, or preserving the culture of specific populations.

Cancer Support and Research

These cancer charities provide research and support for people with cancer and their loved ones. Support may include education and emotional support.

Support for Physical and Cognitive Disabilities

These charities provide financial support, education, and research for people with physical and mental disabilities, as well as their families.


These organizations help the economically disadvantaged around the world with an array of programs such as education, advocacy, health care, housing, and anti-hunger programs.

Feeding the Hungry

These charities fight hunger around the world by providing food, clean water, and funding.

Impoverished Children

These charities help children around the world who live in poverty by providing food, medicine, and education.

Senior Citizens

These charities provide advocacy, education, and research for senior citizens.

Supporting Military and Veterans

These charities provide support services for those who serve our country, as well as their families. Services may include financial assistance, mental health care, and veterans services.

Watchdog Groups

These organizations make sure public organizations like the government and the media are operating appropriately and with honesty and integrity.


Women around the world face unique issues such as discrimination, domestic violence, and human trafficking. These charities support various women's initiatives.

Finding a Complete List of Nonprofit Organizations

The above list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the charities that are out there. There are several more places that you can look online:

  • The definitive list for who is under the 501(c)(3) and (c)(4) tax code can be found at the IRS.
  • Charity Navigator is a charity watchdog group that helps people get the most charity for their dollar. Charity Navigator can help you make wise charitable investments because it provides ratings for charities based on use of funds and other factors.
  • The Foundation Center has everything you could ever want to know about grant making foundations and nonprofits.
  • Another place to look for charities is the Better Business Bureau which lists all nonprofits that meet their criteria. However, it is not a definitive listing of charities but rather a place to go to look up information about a charity.

To find the best charity for you, search by interest to help sort through the thousands of charities out there.

List of Nonprofit Organizations