Live Earth Charity

Updated April 30, 2018
Live Earth founder Kevin Wall (R)

The Live Earth charity revolutionized the way people look at the environment and the stresses being placed upon it by those who live on this planet. This dynamic organization used the entertainment industry as a platform for tackling some serious issues when it comes to the health of Mother Earth.

What Is Live Earth?

Unlike many charities, which fall under non-profit status, Live Earth is actually a for-profit organization that uses those influential in the entertainment industry and political world to get involved in spreading the message of global crisis. From water conservation to the greenhouse effect, Live Earth focused on all aspects of planet preservation, especially climate change, and put on big events to help grab people's attention.

Live Earth used the Internet for the majority of its information distribution, allowing them to reach an international audience that would happen much more slowly if they went through the traditional venues of television, radio and print media. Today, Live Earth's website features a dynamic image and only an email address.

Beginning the Live Earth Charity

The Live Earth charity was founded by Kevin Wall, who is an Emmy award-winning producer. He partnered with Al Gore to start a "global movement" geared toward rescuing a planet in crisis. Together, these two ambitious and compassionate men worked with various corporations, non-governmental organizations and various personal connections found within their social circles of entertainment and political gurus to produce a strong team of individuals committed to finding solutions to the earth's issues.


On July 7th, 2007, Live Earth organized a huge music event that included stages in New York, London, Sydney and even a broadcast in Antarctica. Over 150 musicians graced the stages, ranging from classic stars such as Bon Jovi to modern-day idols like the Black Eyed Peas. This event catapulted Live Earth into the public spotlight.

This was Live Earth's first major effort, and it was known as "07.07.07" by all involved. Twenty-four hours of music was broadcast via the Internet, and Live Earth was able to take the time to promote its campaign to end the planet's peril. To make sure every person throughout the globe had a chance to listen to 07.07.07, Live Earth partnered with MSN, who reported over eight million viewers for its live streams.

Green Inaugural Ball

Live Earth orchestrated the Green Inaugural Ball in 2009, which honored new president Barack Obama while also promoting global awareness. The event included performers Melissa Etheridge, and John Legend along with speakers on climate change such as Nancy Pelosi and Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Run for Water

In 2010 Live Earth produced the DOW Live Earth Run for Water, which consisted of six kilometer run/walks around the world in April. Concerts and celebrity appearances by stars like Jessica Biel were a staple of each race, and all proceeds went toward funding sustainable water programs. Because of Dow's business in dealing with chemicals, many of the events were met by angry protestors who found their sponsorship of the event hypocritical.


Original creators Al Gore and Kevin Wall teamed up with recording artist Pharrell Williams to present another star-studded concert and educational event in June 2015. This event was meant to raise awareness of and participation in the upcoming UN climate change conference in Paris. Called 24 Hours of Reality and Live Earth: The World is Watching, the event resembled an on-air telethon. Celebrities like Elton John and Neil Young gave live performances while stars and political officials made appearances to talk about climate change.

An Entertaining Solution

As activists sought ways to get large numbers of people around the world involved in issues related to climate change and environmental struggles, some saw large social entertainment events as a means to an end. These events seamlessly integrated popular music, celebrities and high profile officials into cohesive public service announcements designed to raise awareness and foster change.

Live Earth Charity