Mall of America Water Park

The Water Park of America is 15 minutes from Minneapolis.

For the thrill of water fun, even when it's snowing outside, nothing beats the Mall of America Water Park in Minnesota. Like the neighboring Mall of America, which claims to be the largest mall in the U.S., the Water Park of America also boasts being the largest indoor water park in the country.

About The Mall of America Water Park

The Water Park of America, as it is officially named, opened in May 2006 next to the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. The 70,000 square foot park includes a 10 story tower that houses two tube slides, three body slides, and a family raft ride (at over a mile long, it's the longest indoor raft ride). A variety of other indoor water attractions and the attached Radisson Hotel Bloomington make the Water Park of America an exciting year-round destination.

Water Park of America Attractions

The theming for the Water Park of America is decidedly deep woods -- from the mascot, Hobey the Bear, to the many logging and lodge-style props.


Tubes for several of the water rides take guests outside, albeit enclosed and protected from the elements, for a truly unique ride experience. Guests are returned to the inside of the building by ride's end.

  • St. Croix Lazy River: This is one long lazy river ride, sending riders on a relaxing adventure around the perimeter of the park. As a fun diversion, the lazy river winds through the wave pool for more adventure. Caves and bridges make the voyage more interesting.
  • Eagle's Nest Slide Tower: The ten story climb to the top is worth it for the three body slides, two tube slides, and the park's family raft ride, which seats four.
  • Cascade Falls: Practice your mad surfing skills on the Flow Rider surfing simulator.
  • Log Course: Guests can test their skills as they cross the pool on log stepping stones.
  • Fort Snelling Play Area: Water activities for the indoor water park's younger guests can be found here, complete with a huge dumping bucket and smaller water slides for super soaked fun!
  • Lake Superior Wave Pool: What water park would be complete without the excitement of a wave pool? This indoor water park is large enough to contain an adequately sized wave pool for its guests.

Additionally, a swimming pool and two hot tubs are available for even more water fun. Land lovers may also want to check out the dry fun at the Northern Lights Arcade.



Guests may not bring in food from outside sources but can certainly satiate their hunger with a trip to the park's cafeteria. Hamburgers, sandwiches, pizzas, beverages and desserts are all available for hungry guests.

About Mall of America

Despite its name, Water Park of America is not associated with Mall of America. Mall of America filed a lawsuit, claiming trademark infringement since the name for the water park was too similar to the mall name and thus would cause confusion. One of the sticking points raised by Water Park of America was the mall's intention to build a water park as part of their development. The lawsuit was settled and no name change was made to the park.

Visiting The Mall of America Water Park


Guests of Radisson Hotel Bloomington are guaranteed admission at a discounted rate, but non-overnight guests may pay general admission, subject to availability. Prices range between $18 and $40 depending on the day of the week and the hours of operation. Guests who purchase a wristband after 4 p.m. can use the park until 4 p.m. the following day. Additionally, guests who prefer not to swim or participate in water activities can purchase a "dry admission" ticket.

Contact Information

For more information about the Mall of America Water Park, visit the official website at, call (952) 698-8888, or write to the park at:

Water Park of America
1700 East American Boulevard
Bloomington, MN 55425

Mall of America Water Park