Online Fundraising Made Easy: Ideas That Work

Published November 4, 2020
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Online fundraising can be simple and fun. Learn several ways to make your fundraiser virtual through these unique fundraising ideas.

Keep It Moving Challenge Online Fundraising

Virtual race fundraisers for a cause are big. Give a church fundraiser virtual race your own twist by having a one-night dance-a-thon or rope jumping contest. You might even try a fun skipping challenge. Whatever you choose, donors can buy tickets to the online event, or you might have them donate so many dollars for the hours they move that month. This can be a great fundraiser for causes associated with health such as the heart or the mind. For this fundraiser, you can set up tickets or a donation link through PayPal donations or crowdsourcing websites.

Keep it fun by encouraging everyone to post videos or images of themselves moving during the event.

Teenage friends dancing

Online Night In Fundraiser

Everyone has some kind of skill that they can showcase using Zoom technology or Facebook Messenger. This is a perfect opportunity to create a fun night in fundraiser right in your own home. The type of party that you host is completely up to you. You might have an online musical performance, sip and paint, cooking class, play, a movie night, or murder mystery theater. Try to think of a way to tailor your night in event to your cause. These work great as an online Facebook event with a donation button or you can choose to sell tickets. You then set up the online streaming link for your patrons to click on to take part.

Pump everyone up the weeks leading up to the event by offering trivia or questions tailored to your cause.

Online Children's Talent Night Fundraiser

Every child has a unique talent and likes to show it off, especially when it's hard to get out and about. Try setting up an online talent show night for parents and others to show off their child's cuteness or mad singing skills. In addition to creating an online event, you can have people pay an entrance fee to enter, as well as selling tickets to watch the event. For this fundraiser, you have the option of posting all the talents online as a video or have live-streaming the event. It'll be important to promote the event to your online network to get everyone to vote for the winners. Talk to local or online companies to see about getting someone to sponsor prizes for the winners.

Talent show lettering

Unique Paper Creation Fundraising Idea

People like to compete. Use that competitive edge to your virtual fundraising advantage through an online competition. However, you don't want to go with the old stand by of an online race or movie trivia night. Instead, sell tickets to an online paper creation competition. It could be paper airplanes, origami, cards, etc. Anything someone can create with a single sheet of paper. After creating your online event, set a deadline for the competition and rules. Not only can people donate to vote for the winners, but you can include a small fee to enter the contest. Provide the top three winners with a small prize as an incentive to get more participants.

Video Design Fundraising Idea

Are you looking to create a new video for your cause? Create a virtual video challenge fundraiser. This can be a fun way for people to get creative and create a unique video for your charity or non-profit. Much like the paper contest, you need to create rules and promote your contest online through a website, flyer, email, or social media. Post submissions on an online board for your network to vote and donate to your cause. In addition to offering a prize to the winner, they get their name out there by you using their promotional video.

Virtual Coloring Contest

Looking to raise funds with very little out-of-pocket cost? Think about creating a coloring contest to promote your cause. The fun thing about a coloring contest is that you can set the theme of the coloring pages. Or let everyone choose what they want to do. In addition to creating the online event, consider creating different age groups like kids and adults.

Online Fundraising Ideas During COVID

If COVID-19 is putting a cramp in your face-to-face fundraising and donation plans, an online fundraiser might be an option.

Don't Say COVID-19

Coronavirus is running rampant. And everyone is sick of it. Therefore, you can make a game of COVID-19 for your fundraiser. Create a virtual COVID-19 fundraiser by challenging your donors to not say COVID-19 for a specific timeframe. Every time their family members or them slip up, they can virtually donate a dollar to your cause. This is great when paired with funding to do with COVID-19 patients or recovery. For this online fundraising idea, you need to create an online event and way for participants to donate. You can also make this a challenge by streaming the amount donated on your event.

Online Bottle Drive

Bottles are really building up during COVID lockdowns. Therefore, you can challenge people to donate their bottle return money to a specific charity or cause. For this fundraiser, set up an online event on social media or create an email campaign and donate button. Challenge people to donate their bottle return money to your cause. Keep a tally on your online event showing your progress toward your goal.

Taking Fundraising Virtual

If face-to-face fundraisers aren't an option, you can still have fun in fundraising endeavors through online fundraising. You just start with an idea and run with it.

Online Fundraising Made Easy: Ideas That Work