6 Different Ways to Play the Game of Life Online

Updated September 20, 2021
Children Playing Games on a Tablet

The Game of Life was created by Milton Bradley in 1860, but the version of the game you know today was released in 1960. In the game, players navigate through life events such as getting a job, buying a house, having a baby, and retiring. The object of the game is to be the most successful when it comes to handling life's challenges and end up with the most money. Online games based on The Game of Life follow the same premise but may offer different challenges and life events than the actual board game.

Where to Play The Game of Life Online

While there used to be several different versions of The Game of Life to play online, most of them have disappeared. Fortunately, there are still a few downloadable games you can play when it comes to the Game of Life.

Game of Life App

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you have a few more options for playing the game. The original Game of Life by Marmalade Game Studio transforms the game and pieces, called pegs, with 3D animation. The board pieces come to life so you can go through all the stages of life, like getting a job and going to college. Play the game on your own or play online with friends.

Game of Life 2 App

Whether you have an Android or Apple product, you can also purchase the Game of Life 2. This version of the original game offers you more choices and freedom to choose the path your life will take. You still have customizable pegs and the "Classic Word" board, but you also have more freedom in the path you take through new careers, like a vlogger or dog groomer. The sequel also offers pet adoption and more relationship statuses to take into your future. Dive into this updated, family-friendly version and give it a try.

Game of Life Vacations App

Another version of the Game of Life that you can download on Google Play is the Game of Life Vacations. This version of the game takes you on, you guessed it, a vacation. You get to choose your destination, collect souvenirs, and even take pictures. There are also fun activities that your pegs can try out, like scuba diving. It's all about making memories.

Online Video Game Versions

Since your options for playing the Game of Life online are limited, you might want to consider playing it on your gaming system or PC. You can find both the Game of Life and the Game of Life 2 offered through multiple video game vendors.

  • Marmalade Technologies offers the 2016 edition of the Game of Life that you can purchase for playing on the Xbox. It includes several online playing modes, a fast mode, minigames, and chat.
  • If you have a Nintendo Switch, you can purchase the Game of Life 2. In this Nintendo game, you can play in the open, private, or local multiplayer modes to play with your friends.
  • Play the Game of Life from Steam on your computer. To play this online game on your computer, you need to ensure that all your computer system meets the minimum requirements for download.

Playing the Game of Life

If none of the online and computer-based options meet your needs, gather your family and friends and pull out the classic board game. No matter how you play it, the Game of Life is an excellent addition to family night or a way to pass the time on a rainy day.

6 Different Ways to Play the Game of Life Online