11 Ways to Play Multiplayer Uno Online

Updated February 8, 2022
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Uno is a card game beloved by fans of all ages, and today there are many options to choose from to play the game. If you are looking for places to play multiplayer Uno online, you won't be disappointed with this collection of games, apps, and websites you can enjoy.

Online Multiplayer Uno Websites

There are several different multiplayer options for playing the card game Uno online.


Play-Uno.com is a unique way to play the game because it offers a wide range of options for play via AI player. You can either register for a free account or play anonymously, though you won't be able to be eligible for the leaderboard if you don't enter. You can play with anywhere from five to nine adversaries and with options for seven through 11 cards. You can also choose from five game speeds, ranging from very slow to very fast. You'll just need an internet connection to play.

Uno Freak

Uno Freak also allows you to either register for a free account or play as a guest, although like Play-Uno.com, you aren't eligible for placement on a leaderboard unless you have an account. On Uno Freak, you can enter virtual rooms to play live against others or play against AI players. In addition to the leaderboards and stat features, there is also a messenger feature. You only earn points from playing against other live players, not bots. You can play directly in your browser, so you just need access to the internet.

Crazy games

Crazy games website

Crazy Games offers options to play Uno in online multiplayer mode or against computer players. You can play with up to four random opponents. Turns are timed during play, so you'll lose your turn if you run out of time. You can also choose a fun profile pic. There are no downloads or specific platforms required, so you can play anywhere you have an internet connection.

4 Colors on Poki

Poki game online

Another option is 4 Colors on Poki Games. You play against two, three, or four computer-generated opponents. It has an easy-to-use format with simple rule explanations shown at the start of the game. There are no timed turns, so it's a fun option if you need something to do in between other tasks. Sound is optional. The game only requires an internet connection.

Halloween Multiplayer Uno

BestGames Halloween Uno game online

If you're looking for a fun-themed option to play multiplayer Uno online, you may want to check out the Halloween Uno multiplayer game from Best Games. The Halloween game is free to play, but it will feature ads before allowing you to start playing the game. To start, you'll enter a player name and choose a fun Halloween profile picture. Then, choose whether to play an online multiplayer version of the game or against computer players. Play against two, three, or four other players. Turns are timed. Like the other web games mentioned, it just requires an internet connection.

Official Uno Game From Ubisoft

The official Uno game from Ubisoft is available for Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC for $10. Online multiplayer is a standard option with the current game, allowing you to interact with friends or other players worldwide. You can chat with other players using voice support, or enable video chat so you can see friends face to face. Additional features such as leaderboards and virtual medals encourage user competition and interaction. You can play with standard Uno rules or set up your own "house rules" when you play with others. There is a limited free trial available.

Uno for PC

You can also get the PC version of Uno available via digital download. It requires a 64-bit operating system compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. You'll also need a 4 GB Ram and NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 or AMD Radeon HD 5670 graphics card (or equivalent). A broadband internet connection is required to access the multiplayer features.

Uno for Playstation 4

Uno is available for Playstation 4, though you must have a Playstation account enabled to use the interactive features to play online with other people. When you purchase the PS4 version, you'll also get access to a free Playlink that will allow you to play the game on mobile devices.

Xbox One

The Xbox One version of Uno requires an Xbox Live Gold account (sold separately) to access online play with others and the social and interactive features of the game.

Nintendo Switch

You can get Uno on your Nintendo Switch by downloading the game. An activation code will then be sent to your email.

Uno App From Mattel

Another option to play the official Uno game with friends or other players is with Uno Live! app from Mattel. The app is free to download and use on a mobile device, but you'll need a wireless data plan or WiFi connection to play. The app allows you to play online with friends, and you can even set up private rooms and set your own house rules. A unique feature is that you can also team up with friends to play partner Uno games against others. Other features include tournaments and leaderboards.

Play Uno With Friends on Facebook

If you're a fan of connecting with others and playing games on Facebook, you can play Uno via Facebook and play live with other players or friends. This is the classic version of the game and is available worldwide. You'll need an active Facebook account and an internet connection to play.

Have Fun With MultiPlayer Uno

If you love the game of Uno, you have lots of modern options to interact with other players and friends. Uno is fun for everyone. Whether you are a woman looking for a fun online game or a kid looking for a new online game, explore the different options to challenge yourself and have fun!

11 Ways to Play Multiplayer Uno Online