Popular Cheers for Cheerleading

Cheerleaders in action

What makes a particular cheer popular depends a lot on the individual sport as well as the crowd joining in the cheering. Still, there are some basic types of cheers that always seem to encourage everyone to participate and have a good time.

Team Pride Cheers

Team pride cheers are undoubtedly one of the best-loved types of cheers. These cheers are perfect for pre-game, throughout the game, and after a victory to give a great boost to the team and energize the crowd.

Go Team!

Go team! Go team!
Who do we mean?
We'll say it loud,
Because we're proud.

Panther pride! Panther pride!
We're steppin' up, so step aside!
We're the best; we're here to win
Panther power's here again!

Eagle Pride

Eagle pride! Eagle pride!
Our team's the best,
Let's show our pride!

(Repeat as many times as you like.)

Go Devils!

De-vils just can't be beat,
De-vils make you feel the heat!
Goooo Devils!

Short Spelling Cheers


Getting the crowd going is easy with short spelling cheers. Give one of these cheers a try.


Give me a B! Give me an E!
Give me an S! Give me a T!
What's that spell? Best! Best!
Put us to the test!
We'll beat the Hornets!
We won't give 'em a rest!


We're gonna win the game
And you wanna know why?
'Cause we've got spirit
And we're riding high, so


S-P-I-R-I-T, spirit!
Hey, let us hear it!
Gonna high gear it!
'Cause we've got spirit!

Crowd Response Cheers and Chants

Your squad may have spent more hours practicing than you can count, but chances are the audience hasn't! Using easy cheers that engage the audience by asking for a specific response can help get them involved.

Cheerleader in action


Cheerleaders: Bearcats, what are we gonna do?
Crowd: Fight, fight, fight!

Cheerleaders: Bearcats, what are we gonna do?
Crowd: We're gonna win tonight!

(Repeat two more times.)

Lions Go!

Cheerleaders: When we say Lions, you say Go!
Cheerleaders: Lions
Crowd: Go!
Cheerleaders: Lions!
Crowd: Go!
Everyone: Gooo Lions!

Who's Got Spirit?

Cheerleaders: Who's got spirit? Who do? Who do?
Crowd: We've got spirit! We do! We do!

Cheerleaders: When we gonna win this game? When now? When now?
Crowd: We're gonna win this game! Right now! Right now!

Defense and Offense Cheers


Defense and offense cheers can really fire up an already enthusiastic crowd. They can also give additional support when the team is down.

Hit 'em!

Hit 'em, hit 'em,
Smack 'em down!
We're the Warriors,
And we'll take your town!


Score! Score!
We want more!
We'll drive it to the finish,
And own that board!


Attack! Attack!
Blue Jays - attack!
Cardinals watch out,
You better get back!

Kick That Ball!

Kick that ball
Right through the goal.
C'mon kicker,
Be the star of the show!

Block That Basket!

A tisket, a tasket
C'mon, defense
Block that basket!

Victory Cheers


What is everyone ultimately rooting for? Victory, of course! Try out these cheers with your squad.

Victory's Ours!

Victory! Victory!
Victory's ours!
We're gonna win 'cause
We are the stars!

Hillside Rules!

Hillside rules!
Hillside rocks!
Victory is ours, so
You're in for some knocks!

Victory Is Sweet!

There's nothing like winning,
And victory feels so sweet,
From the tops of our heads,
To the bottoms of our feet!

Victory is sweet!
Say it again, now!
Victory is sweet!

We Won the Game!

We won the game,
Yes, we won the game!
The other team lost,
And we're to blame!

We played hard,
And we played to win,
And we can't wait to play
Your team again!

Make These Cheers Your Own

If you like these cheers, you can easily make them your own. Just replace the team names with your own team's name or the name of the opposing team as needed, and you're ready to rock the stadium.

Popular Cheers for Cheerleading