Printable Hello Cheers


Hello cheers are great, versatile cheers that you can use to introduce the squad or the team for whom you're cheering. They offer personality as well as individuality for a squad and school.

Hello Cheers to Print

Use these cheers whenever you want to introduce the squad or greet the fans. Some good examples of these situations include:

  • A pre-game chant for a basketball or football game
  • To introduce the freshman squad at a pep rally
  • To introduce the players as they come onto the field
  • To highlight certain players, like the seniors during their last high school game

The following hello cheers are free to print and use with your squad. To download the cheers, simply click on the page that you wish to use and the corresponding .pdf file will open in a new window or tab. Then you can save the pages to your computer or print them out right away.

General Hello Cheers

These cheers are great for introducing your squad. They can be used at the beginning of a ball game, at pep rallies or just to say hello to the other team during an away game.

general hello cheers
Click here to print a list of general hello cheers.

At a Pep Rally

Playing a rival team at the next big game? Use these pep rally cheers to introduce the cheerleaders and get the crowd involved and filled with school spirit.

pep rally cheers printable
Click here for printable pep rally cheers.

Aimed at the Other Team

If you're cheering at a home game the other team may bring their cheerleaders. If so, these cheers will allow you to greet the other squad in a fun way that shows good sportsmanship.

hello cheers aimed at other team printable
Click here to print this list of hello cheers.

Introducing the School Mascot

Is your school lucky enough to have a mascot? If so, this cheer can include that mascot and introduce his antics to the fans.

cheers to introduce school mascot printable
Click here to print the school mascot cheer.

Football Hello Cheers

Before that first kick-off, greet the fans in the stands with these hello cheers that will get them cheering along with you all night long.

football hello cheers printable
Click here to print a list of hello cheers for football games.

Hello Cheers for Basketball

Basketball fans tend to be pretty supportive of the cheerleaders. Thank them by getting up close and personal with these basketball-specific hello cheers.

basketball hello cheers printable
Click here to print a list of basketball hello cheers.

For Any Sport

Whether you want to vary the cheers you are performing at each game or you are cheering for a different sport such as volleyball or baseball, these cheers will introduce your team in a unique way.

printable hello cheers for any sport
Click here to print a sheet of hello cheers suitable for any sport.

Cheer for an Early Game

Occasionally, you'll have to cheer a game that starts so early that the fans are sipping on coffee to wake up. This cheer will help wake them and get them cheering for your team.

Printable cheer for early morning game
Click here to print a hello cheer for a morning game.

Modern Hello Cheer

Modern cheerleaders face more challenges than getting the fans involved. They are also competing with cell phones, tablets and other distractions. This modern cheer will make even the most distracted fan sit up and take notice of your squad.

printable of modern hello cheer
Click here to print a modern hello cheer.

Make the Cheers Your Own

A good hello cheer can be adapted and used at almost any event or game. The fans will get to know each of the cheerleaders or your squad as a whole through these cheers, so adapt them, have fun with them and put your personality into them.

Printable Hello Cheers