Put Your Face on a Dancing Body

Updated June 13, 2018
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Are you looking for a way to kill time and amuse yourself in the process? Making an animation of your face on a dancing body can be hilarious and entertaining. You can impose your own image or those of friends and family as well. This is the perfect way to spend some free time and create something fun to share with others.

Dancing Body Websites

It may sound odd to search for a place to put your own head onto an animated body, but once you discover how much fun it is, you'll be thoroughly amused with what you can create. For even more fun, see what you can create with photos of your friends and family.

Superimposing an actual cropped photograph onto a computer-generated body that shakes and dances to music became popular a few years ago, and has since taken off as an internet trend. You can now find quite a few sites that offer this service, and many get creative with their offerings, especially around the holidays.

Where to Put Your Face on a Dancing Body

New sites that allow you to create dancing images with your own face are popping up all the time. The following destinations have been around for a while and offer a variety of different options.


JibJab.com is probably one of the most elaborate websites when it comes to fusing human heads to animated bodies. From Santa Claus to an Irish Leprechaun, you can attach your head to a wide variety of seasonal characters and also enjoy a broad spectrum of backdrops from square dancing in a barn to starring in your own nightclub with flashing lights.

While JibJab offers a very limited selection of "Starring You" cards for free, you will have to create an account and upgrade for the whole package. For around $18.00 per year, you can be a member and use all of their services freely. If you have some extra cash to spend, it is a great way to brighten the day of your friends and family and get a good laugh with endless options and combinations of cards.

Office Max

Every holiday season, the office supply store Office Max puts up a section of their website called Elf Yourself. Though it isn't available year round, you can visit this fun site during the holidays to transform yourself into an elf, as well as a few other characters. For example, during a recent holiday season, you could use the site to "Scrooge" yourself; surely, more creative options will continue to pop up in coming years.


FunPhotor.com offers a service that allows you to superimpose your face on a variety of different images, and it also includes animations. Again, this service isn't free, but you can get a wide variety of options for around $50.00.

The Ugly Dance

The Ugly Dance lets you upload a picture of your face onto an animated dancing body for free. You can choose from a variety of outfits including a three-piece suit, gym clothes, a chimpanzee suit and a leopard-themed outfit. Once your dancing image is created, you can click on different items to manipulate your dancer, such as "stomp," "robot," and "twist." You can share your dancing image on Facebook or copy the link and email it to others or add it to a blog or website. If you really love the song that plays in the background, there's a link to download it from iTunes and Amazon for about $3.

Use Your Creativity

If you are particularly savvy with graphic design or know someone who is, you can easily create your own animation without using an e-card service or special website like the ones listed above. When you create from scratch to put your face on a dancing body, your imagination is the only limit to what you can come up with.

Fun With Friends

Take advantage of the fun dancing animation options available online and share them with friends. Send an e-card for a special day, create an entire "show" for a friend or loved one, or just amuse yourself when you have some time to kill. As the popularity and novelty of such an activity continues to grow, so will the options available online.

Put Your Face on a Dancing Body