Selling Reed Diffusers for Your Fundraiser

Updated May 1, 2018
Reed Diffuser

Selling reed diffusers is an original idea that stands apart from all of this year's bake sales and car washes. If you're looking for a truly unique fundraising idea for your organization, try these scented gifts.

Where To Get Your Diffusers

If you decide to sell reed diffusers for your fundraising, you'll first need to find a reputable company that sells the products. There are many available online, but it is smart to do your research and price comparison, as you'll want to have as little overhead as possible.

Crossroads Original Designs

Crossroads Original Designs offers a fundraising program that allows you to earn up to 50 percent profit on each item sold and features products made in the USA. Their reed diffusers sell for around $22 to $25 each, and come in scents like cinnamon bun, apple, linen, and lilac. You have the choice of selling diffusers and other scent products via the company's catalog or online.

America's Fundraising Express

Although they feature several types of fundraisers, America's Fundraising Express also has a great selection of reed diffusers that can make you up to a 45 percent profit. Their "Touch of Elegance" candles and gift collection features six scents, each in a different color bottle. For example, the Lavender Spa scent comes in a deep blue bottle. Each diffuser set sells for around $20. Use the provided catalog and order form to sell then order the entire group's sales at once and receive free shipping if you purchase more than twenty-five individual pieces.

New Fundraising Ideas

Earn up to 45 percent profits when you sell from New Fundraising Ideas's S'Kool Smartz "Light Up the Holidays" brochure. This catalog features dozens of winter holiday themed items including reed diffuser sets in scents like Holly Berry, Pine Forest, Pumpkin Spice, and French Vanilla. Each sells for about $16 and comes in a clear glass jar with a matching label featuring a pencil drawing of the scent.

Making Your Own

You can make your own reed diffuser fundraiser by purchasing kits wholesale or making them yourself. While it may be more time consuming, it could increase your profits.

DIY Reed Diffuser Kits

If you're feeling particularly ambitious, or have a member of your group that is exceptionally crafty, you can also create your own reed diffusers for the fundraisers.

  • Purchase the reeds at any craft store, then buy glass vases that have a narrow top and wide bottom. The trick is to get the reeds to fill the opening completely, so the oils will absorb through the reeds and out into the air.
  • Mix baby oil with your favorite perfume or body spray to make your own scent or purchase diffuser oils from craft stores. Package the oil in a small jar with a lid.
  • Assemble kits including reeds, a bottle, and the oil. Personalize the bottles with custom stickers by decorating large blank labels or gift tags.

Sales and Marketing

The most efficient way to run your own diffuser fundraiser is with a pre-order system. Decide on a few vase and scent options, then create an order form with these choices. Distribute the order forms with a firm turn-in date and ask for money at the time of the order. Now you can purchase only the amount of supplies you need to fulfill the order. Put the kits and orders together then schedule a pickup date and location or ask sellers to distribute to their customers. To get the most out of your fundraiser, choose a season and pick scents related to it. For example, fall-themed oils might include pumpkin and apple.

The Draw of Reed Diffusers Fundraisers

Selling reed diffusers may seem like an odd choice when you consider the other popular fundraising options out there. However, this isn't a mainstream idea, so it tends to be successful thanks to the novelty. Selling reed diffusers is a relatively new idea, and your target purchasers will love the onetime, calorie free alternative.

Reasons customers love this product include:

  • They are subtle, stylish, and fit any decor.
  • Fun scents freshen the air without becoming overpowering.
  • Glass diffuser jars feel elegant and expensive.

A Novel Product

If you want to set your next fundraiser apart from the rest, opt for this more environmentally friendly candle alternative. Since diffusers can be used anywhere from home to office, your customer base is unlimited.

Selling Reed Diffusers for Your Fundraiser