Relay for Life Theme Ideas

Relay for Life

Choosing one of the many Relay for Life themes is a great way to add fun to this special event. Themes unify the people attending, create a sense of camaraderie, and add an unexpected twist to the event.

Relay for Life Theme Ideas

If you are planning to hold a Relay for Life event, why not consider incorporating a Relay for Life theme into the event? The theme can add entertainment as a way to tie the event together.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to themes. Some fun themes to consider include:

Disco For A Cure

This retro theme provides endless fun and healthy exercise. Dress up in disco clothes and dance the night away to your favorite tunes.

Dancing with the Stars For a Cure

In conjunction with having someone walk the track from your team at all times, hold a dance marathon at a nearby pavilion or set up a dance floor on a field under another tent. Get local and regional celebrities to dance the night away with you. Last team standing wins. Have a local spa donate a foot rub and pedicure for the winning couple.

Happy Birthday Relay

Set up as you would for any birthday party. Decorate the area in streamers and balloons, furnish a decorated birthday cake, and give each participant a birthday hat or party loot bag.

High Noon for Cancer

While a western theme is always popular, give the classic a twist and have team members come dressed in Old West gear for this Knock Out at the Cancer Corral! Anything goes from a gunslinger to a dance hall girl to a Little House on the Prairie look. A tailgate or bonfire hotdog roast, that participants pay extra for, can make the event even more fun.

Pajama Parties

Participants show up in their best bedroom casual style. Award prizes for categories like best bedroom boa, fuzziest house slippers, and most creative costume. You can serve popcorn, watch movies and just have fun showing your support.

Race for time

Race for Time

Each team picks its colors and sponsors a fantasy horse in this race for time against cancer. Campsites can be decorated in the colors, and team members can make and wear jockey silks for when they are on the track.

Ray of Hope

A colorful way to show support is with a rainbow theme. Decorate the site with rainbows and use colorful streamers and signs. Construct a fantasy style rainbow out of balloons and use it as the entrance to the event. Each team can represent a different color of the rainbow.

Spotlight on Cancer

Use real bricks and write down the names of entertainers who have passed from cancer. In addition, have participating teams or individuals write the name of a person they know who has passed from cancer. Then, carefully lay these bricks into a roped off area to create your own Walk of Fame. Sell luminaries to light the walk to put a spotlight on cancer.

The Proper Etiquette for Saying No to Cancer

Each team comes dressed in tuxedos and gowns (wearing walking shoes, of course). As they walk the track, they either stop at various stations, or at the end of a certain amount of laps, breaking for high tea. This can be fun if you get local restaurants and chefs involved to set up the stations and prepare food that has been donated. Participants and supporting family members can pay an extra $10 per person to partake.

Top Dogs for Cancer

Dog walk fundraiser

Set up teams with canine companions, pets and rescue animals from a local shelter. As people and their dogs walk throughout the night, plan to serve kibble and cookie biscuits to the dogs by way of a thank you. Be sure to have plenty of water on hand to refresh both human and canine participants.

Wishing on a Cure

Create this magical theme using a stars motif. Encourage each person to make a star with the name of the person they are supporting written on it. The area can be decorated with stars and inspirational messages.

Themes that Play on Words

Themes created around this idea can be just about anything. Be unique and use something that shows your support such as Robin's Relay Revelers, Sam's Survivor Supporters, or Callie's Cancer Crusaders. Have t-shirts made up featuring the photo of the person you're supporting, or make banners with that person's name.

Relay Around the World

Go international by letting each team pick a country and dress accordingly. They can decorate their area with items that are representative of their country such as food or clothing.

Carnival for a Cure

Carnivals and circuses have universal appeal to all ages and genders. Decorate with stuffed animals, play games, and considering finding a clown to make and give away animal balloons. Face painting is another popular activity to add to the mix.

Sports Themes

This is another topic with the potential to appeal to a larger amount of people of all ages. Each team can represent a different sport such as soccer, baseball, football and bowling.

Knitters for a Cure

Hobby-Related Themes

How about putting together a Knitters For A Cure or Poker Players For A Cure team? Participants can enjoy their favorite past-times and teach others in the process.

Get Creative for a Cure

As you can imagine, themes can be just about anything you can dream up. Be creative and use something that is of interest to your particular group. You can even hold a contest before the event and have people submit different event themes. The important thing to remember is that a creative theme can help your team celebrate those who have won the battle with cancer and to raise money for programs and research. Relay for live events are held at schools, parks or tracks, and the participants take turns walking or running laps to show their support.

Relay For Life raises millions of dollars each year for preventing and researching cancer. The hope is to ultimately find a cure for cancer, and the event holds special meaning for those participating. Incorporating a Relay for Life theme into the event is a great way to make the day fun for all those involved.

Relay for Life Theme Ideas