Time and Talent Volunteer Form

Published April 23, 2018
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Using a time and talent volunteer form is an excellent way to organize and delegate jobs others could easily do. Gauge the abilities and interests of potential volunteers with a free, printable form.

Printable Volunteer Form

Make the most of your volunteers' time and special skills by getting that information organized. This form provides an easy way to gather important information about helpers in one place. To use, click on the image of the document then hit the download icon. You can add information directly to the form online or print it out for volunteers to fill in by hand. If you have any trouble getting the form, check out this handy guide for troubleshooting tips and tricks.

Time and Talent Volunteer Form
Time and Talent Form

Personalize Your Form

Everyone, from a small grassroots charities to national chapters, use organizational tools to keep track of volunteers and their abilities. Make the form efficient for your group by adding information about your group and specifying your needs. Add your name and mission statement to the top of the first page. On the second page of the form, make a list of all the jobs you could delegate to volunteers. It's much easier for people to check something off, and it gives them an opportunity to see what needs to be done.

Talents You Might Need

While the list of potential duties is helpful, sometimes needs arise you didn't anticipate. The write-in sections give volunteers a place to tell you more about their professional and personal skills so you can tap into them later if need be.


It is important for people to know what they could be potentially signing up for. It's not always possible to be specific, especially if the job is ongoing. The availability section of the form is open-ended so volunteers can share all the times they might be able to help, even if they choose to create a regular volunteer schedule. When you're planning for big events, you can look back to see if you'll have enough volunteers before moving forward with the event.

Organizing the Information So It's Usable

It's great to gather the information but if you have a lot of potential volunteers, it can be a nightmare to organize.

To get the most out of the information gathered:

  1. Start with a spreadsheet. Across the top list jobs to be done, then list volunteer names down the side. Add extra columns for the other categories on the form.
  2. Input the information from each volunteer.
  3. Don't throw away your original forms. Save online forms as a single document or print forms and keep them in a binder. You can use these to keep notes as you go throughout the year.

Tips for Keeping Good Volunteers Happy

The more organized you are, the happier your volunteers will be to keep coming back. No one wants to sign up for a job that has unclear expectations in terms of time and ability. Try these tips to keep volunteers happy and volunteering:

  • Have something to drink and/or eat at the volunteer site as appropriate.
  • Make sure to thank your volunteers promptly. A handwritten card is sufficient; however, if you have someone who has volunteered substantially, a small gift can be appropriate.
  • Have everything set up for your volunteers before they arrive. No one wants to come to stuff envelopes only to have to wait around while you get the envelopes ready.
  • People like to use their expertise. Don't assume an MD won't stuff envelopes for you, but consider asking him or her to speak to kids, or in some other ways engage them for their expertise.

Make the Most of Donated Time

A time and talent form helps you and your volunteers stay organized and optimize the work day. Fill in the blanks with your current needs to use the form as a volunteer need announcement.

Time and Talent Volunteer Form