Volleyball Chants

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In schools and youth leagues across the country, volleyball has fast become a popular sport, especially amongst girls. In a 2012 survey conducted by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), volleyball ranked as the third most popular sport for females, only behind basketball and track and field. It has been part of the summer Olympics since 1964 and nearly every high school in America has a girls volleyball team.

Volleyball Chants for Any Game Situation

Try some of the following volleyball chants to keep spirits high and the team energized.

While Your Team Is Serving

Serve that Ace

Find the empty space
Serve that ace

No Swerve

Serve it! Serve it!
Do not swerve it!

Here's the Boom

Here's your serve
Boom! Over the net

Cook Out!

Watch that ball, watch it fall
Time for a campfire, time for a campfire

Center Line

Center line, it's all fine
Over the net!

While Opposing Team Is Serving


We don't mean to be goaders
But that ball is a floater


Don't you stall, serve that ball
So we can HIT! We will HIT!

All Net

We're gonna bet
You hit the net
That's all net!

Hit that Serve

C'mon player, hit that serve
We are ready, we've got nerve

One More Round

Where'd you go?
Out of bounds
One more round, One more round

Missed Ball

Wipe Out!

That's like a strike
That ball was wiped
Wipe out!

Double trouble

Double hit that won't sit
We get that ball!


The crowd is mild, but that ball went wild
Shank ball! Shank ball!

Call That Foul

You held that ball, are you trying to stall?
Call that foul! Call that foul!

Yellow Card

That's cards not green, purple or red
It's a yellow card instead

Direct Hit Back Over the Net


That ball's on the net, don't play the clarinet
Joust! Joust! Joust!

Don't Dislike the Spike

When the ball moves fast, but close to the net
Don't dislike the spike. Spike it!

Rock and Roll

Rock the net
Roll the ball
Spike it for a score!

Set and Net

The ball was served, the setter set
Amy (fill in player's name or name of mascot) sent it over the net

No Fluff, Just Stuff

When we play, we don't fluff
We just stuff. We just stuff.

Point Scored

24 (for rally scoring)

Our score's at 24
We want one more

15 Wins It! (for sideout scoring)

We're almost there, just a few points more
15 wins it! Eagles win it!

Hors d'Oeuvres

We've got moves, we've got serves
Let's celebrate with hors d'oeuvres


Guess what? Your ball hit the roof
We've got proof, it's called one point

Fast-Paced Chants

Volleyball is a fast-paced game, so chants need to be quick and to the point or you'll be offering a cheer that doesn't relate to the current move. Quick chants like the ones above are perfect and can be applied throughout each game. After you've observed volleyball for a while, you'll likely come up with some unique cheers of your own as well.


Volleyball Chants