What Is the Best Site for Football Gossip and Rumors?

Updated May 1, 2018

If you like to follow the personal lives and sports rumors of your favorite football players like some people follow every move of Hollywood stars, you're probably wondering what the best site for football gossip and rumors is. These seven information watering holes will sate your football gossip appetite.


TMZ, the famous fountainhead of pop culture gossip, has a channel dedicated solely to juicy NFL player gossip. If you're obsessed with both NFL and tabloid celebrity gossip, then you've just found your oasis on the internet. This site is no lightweight either: Daily News named it the thirteenth most powerful mover and shaker in the Los Angeles sports world (out of 50). Forbes also names TMZ among the top 30 celebrity gossip sites online.

2. NBC Sports Pro Football's Rumor Mill

American football team

The Emmy Award-winning NBC Sports has a page dedicated entirely to pro football rumors. The topics have great variety. They range from the comical (clever allusions to Karate Kid while discussing a player's unwillingness to discuss tense personnel changes) to serious (a football legend's personal battle with a rare disease).


3. Yardbarker

Yardbarker chases NFL rumors with the single-mindedness of a dog chasing a squirrel. Fans love its real-time access to athletes to get the latest scoops. (Its Facebook page is followed by more than 156,000 people and liked by over 176,000.)

It gained its stellar reputation as an accurate rumor mill when it created a huge network of exclusive blogs written by the NFL stars themselves. In addition, the site presents a nice blend of off-the-field news about the personal lives of NFL stars and on-the-field developments that every NFL sports fan will appreciate.

4. The Herd With Colin Cowherd

The Herd With Colin Cowherd is one of the most popular award-winning sports news and analysis personalities in the nation. The Herd webpage features a rotating list of video clips featuring Cowherd's takes on different topics. Cowherd is a massive NFL and college football fan, so you will almost always find a list of new hot takes from Cowherd that range from exclusive interviews with NFL stars to rumors and analysis.

5. SB Nation


SB Nation is ranked one the top 10 of sports news sites online by eBiz with impressive stats that show the popularity and quality of its content. It dedicates a large number of its articles to the NFL, which are known for their intelligence, wit and exclusive news and interviews.


6. Bleacher Report

One of the top five sports rumor and analysis sites on the internet, the Bleacher Report combines extremely well-researched analysis and projections with the latest NFL rumors. The site often gets exclusive scoops on what's going down in pro football. It even has exclusive documentaries about the lives of NFL stars.

7. ESPN's NFL Nation

With an Alexa ranking of 16 in the U.S., ESPN was ranked the no. 1 sports website online. Its quality football coverage is a big part of that, which is likely why ESPN has its own NFL rumor mill called NFL Nation. It's an especially nice source for news because of its sheer volume. It posts fresh content around the clock, and it has a nice balance of serious news and fun stories, like the time a player's brother used Yelp and a helicopter to see his brother get drafted.

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What Is the Best Site for Football Gossip and Rumors?