Where to Donate Blood

Blood Donations

Knowing where to donate blood is important. Many people are able to give blood, but may not do so because they do not know where or how to go about the process. Over the years, more organizations have become available to help individuals to give blood more readily.

Learn Where to Donate Blood

The facts about blood donation are very alarming. According to the American Red Cross, only three out of every 100 people in the country donate blood. However, each minute of the day, there are people throughout the country that need a blood donation.

Numerous blood donation organizations are available. Individuals need only to know which organizations are local to them to get started donating. Nevertheless, it is important to also realize that you can help out by sponsoring blood drives in your local community. With your volunteer work, more organizations can get out into the community to collect donations.

Organizations Accepting Blood Donations

The organizations that collect blood must follow very strict protocol. For that reason, not just any group can collect blood donations. The following organizations are well known and respected organizations where you can donate blood.

  • The American Red Cross: The organization is one of the largest to collect blood donations. To donate blood to the Red Cross, individuals can visit one of the organization's local Red Cross Blood regional offices. Individuals can contact the organization at 1-800-GIVE-LIFE (1-800-448-3543) or visit RedCrossBlood.org as well. The process is fast, safe and very organized.
  • America's Blood Centers: This organization works with the National Blood Donor Registry. The organization collects blood, much like the Red Cross, but it also works to keep individuals aware of when there is a need for blood donations. Individuals can sign up to receive alerts about when the organization needs your blood type and where to find the latest local blood drives. To use this facility to donate blood, visit the organization's website and find a local center or a blood drive in your area.
  • Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center: Local organizations are also an ideal place to donate blood. One example of this is the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. This organization collects blood donations from local individuals to be used to treat local individuals. Individuals are helping people within their own community. Individuals can donate every three months and the organization can alert you of a blood need after you sign up. The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center's website offers a tool to find local donation locations.
  • New York Blood Center: For those living in the New York region, there are several blood donation centers available through an organization called New York Blood Center. This organization sponsors a wide range of events to raise awareness and to increase blood donations. It has a commitment need of more than 2000 donations per day. Individuals can earn free merchandise and sign up at alerts of new blood donation options at the company's website.

These organizations are some of the largest available, though this is not an exhaustive list of your options. Consider contacting these organizations to find out what is available in your area.

Focus on Local Donations

When you consider where to donate blood, keep in mind the value of donating locally. While many of these organizations do have local donation centers available, there are often smaller organizations that are just as much in need.

  • Contact local hospitals to find out if they accept blood donations directly.
  • Some doctor's offices and facilities take blood donations.
  • Local churches and community centers often sponsor blood drives for local organizations in need of donations.
  • Local government offices can also provide information on available donation sites.

In addition to these resources, also consider viewing websites like BloodBanker.com. Here, you can join a community of people working together to increase blood donation awareness. You can also use the website's tools to help you to find local organizations collecting and in need of donations.

Blood donations are critical to health throughout communities. With the help of many individuals, there is no doubt people in need of blood can have an opportunity to remain healthy, longer.

Where to Donate Blood