Where to Donate Stuffed Animals and Make a Child Smile

Published October 20, 2020
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Donating stuffed animals is a great way to clear out items that are no longer being used and to pass them along to children who may really appreciate this type of gift. If you are wondering where to donate stuffed animals, know that there are plenty of great options where you can drop off your donations or have them picked up.

Where to Donate Stuffed Animals

If you are interested in donating used or new stuffed animals, be sure to check the specific company's guidelines to ensure that your stuffed animals are appropriate to donate. Certain donation facilities will have strict rules depending on several factors.

Stuffed Animals for Emergencies

This 501c3, otherwise known as SAFE, accepts both gently used and new stuffed animals, like Teddy bears, for children who have recently experienced a natural disaster or emergency. If the stuffed animal is gently used, it will need to be washed appropriately according to their cleaning guidelines. SAFE lists locations throughout the country that are updated frequently. If interested in donating, you can either drop off your stuffed animals, or ship them to one of the locations listed where they are needed.

Donation Town

Donation Town is an organization that helps connect individuals throughout the country with non-profit charities that will pick up your donations to deliver to those in need. Donations requested includes stuffed animals that are gently used and cleaned, or new stuffed animals.

Ronald McDonald House Charities

The Ronald McDonald House accepts toys, including stuffed animals, but only if they are new. They will not accept any gently used toys or stuffed animals. Due to COVID-19, they are currently not accepting any new stuffed animal donations, but they will be updating their website when they are able to accept toys and stuffed animals again.

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots accepts new stuffed animals and toys only. They will not accept used stuffed animals. To locate your nearest drop off point, they have a search on their website where you can narrow down by state and then city to find options that are close to you.

Where to Donate Used Stuffed Animals

Used stuffed animals can be donated to SAFE, as well as through some organizations found on Donation Town. Keep in mind that used stuffed animals must not be missing any parts or pieces, may not have any stains or smells, and must be cleaned prior to donating. You may also check with your local homeless shelters and safe houses to see if they are able to accept donations.

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Can I Donate Old Stuffed Animals?

Old stuffed animals can be donated to some locations if they are still in good condition and cleaned prior to donating. It's best to check in with the specific organization you are interested in donating to prior to donating any used stuffed animals. If used stuffed animals aren't accepted, you might consider selling you collection and using the money to buy new stuffies to donate instead. For example, learning how to sell Beanie Babies is one option you might try if you have a collection you don't wish to keep anymore.

Donating Toys to Children's Hospitals

Children's hospitals may accept donations, but keep in mind that they will likely have specific instructions that need to be adhered to prior to donating. Most hospitals will also only accept new stuffed animals for hygienic reasons. If you are interested in donating to your local children's hospital, be sure to check in on their website, or speak to someone to ensure that your donation meets their specific requirements.

Toy Donation Pick Up

Donation Town can connect you with organizations that are able to pick up your donations. You can also contact Salvation Army, who will pick up donations after you've scheduled a pick up date, and added a list of items you would like to donate.

Why Are Kids Attached to Stuffed Animals?

Stuffed animals can provide feelings of comfort, safety, and connection. For children who have experienced traumas, stuffed animals may be one of the only constants in a chaotic moment in their life.

Donating Stuffed Animals

Donating stuffed animals is a wonderful way to gift a child something special that your family is no longer using or needing. Be sure to check regulations before donating your stuffed animals as each donation facility will have different guidelines they abide by.

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Where to Donate Stuffed Animals and Make a Child Smile