Can Goodwill Pick Up Donations in Your Area? How to Find Out 

Updated January 17, 2022
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If you have some items that you no longer need, it's definitely better to donate them to Goodwill rather than throw them away. You may even be wondering if a Goodwill representative can come to your house to pick up the items that you'd like to share with the organization. The answer depends on where you're located and what your donation consists of. Discover how to find out if it's realistic to expect Goodwill to make a house call to pick up your no longer needed items.

How to Find Out if Goodwill Can Pick Up Donations

The Goodwill stores do not all have the same policies or resources. Donation pickup is available in some areas, but not all. In order to find out if this service is available in your area, you'll need to contact a Goodwill representative in your community. Simply call the store or Goodwill donation center closest to your home, office, or other location where the items are located, and ask if pickup arrangements are possible.

Identify Nearby Goodwill Locations

You can use the locator feature on Goodwill's website to find the most conveniently located facility.

  1. Go to the store locator page at
  2. Click the word "filter" so that a list of options comes up.
  3. Uncheck everything except "donation site."
  4. Enter the desired pickup address in the search bar, which is to the left of the word "filter."
  5. Click the search icon (it looks like a magnifying glass) to the right of the search bar.
  6. The results will display map pins for the donation sites closest to the address you entered.
  7. Click the pins to see the address and phone number (if available) for each site.
  8. Choose a location with a phone number (which means that it is staffed) that is near you.

Call to Request Information

Once you have selected a location, call and ask if they offer pickup services. If they do, you'll then need to provide information on the types of items that you want to donate. Some types of items are not accepted or may not be eligible for pickup. For example, no Goodwill stores accept used mattresses. This is the case with most, if not all thrift stores. Other policies may vary by store. For example, some Goodwill stores accept furniture, while others do not. Those that take furniture will often come and get it, but they're not likely to pick up a bag of clothes or books.

Ask for Options

If the store you call is not able to accommodate your request for pickup, ask the person you speak with if they know of any other thrift stores or other charitable organizations that might be able to pick up your items. Chances are, other groups have asked them to share their contact details with donors offering items that the Goodwill donation cannot accept. Or, simply call other local groups like the Salvation Army or AMVETS.

What to Expect: Items That Goodwill May Pick Up

Most Goodwill stores that offer pickup only do so for items with high resale value or large pieces that an individual would not be able to easily transport in a car. Some stores may be able to send a driver to pick up items that are leftover at the end of an estate sale or yard sale, or when someone is moving and has a lot of items that they don't plan to take with them. For large items, be prepared to provide an approximate size and weight at the time you request a pickup. If the store can come to get the item, they'll need to know how much space needs to be available on their truck for it so they can properly map their route for the day the pickup is scheduled.

Alternate Donation Arrangements

If donation pickup is not available with Goodwill or another organization, it may still be possible for you to share your unneeded items with this important charitable organization. If you have the means to transport the items, you can take them to a store or drop-off location yourself. Some donation sites are unstaffed drop boxes, so you can go by at any time rather than having to work around a store's operating hours. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that dropping off the items you'd like to donate is more convenient than you expected.

Can Goodwill Pick Up Donations in Your Area? How to Find Out