4 DIY Wine Cork Art and Craft Ideas

Updated August 27, 2019
Recycled cork craft

If you're wondering what to do with leftover wine corks, these wine cork art and craft ideas will inspire you. There are tons of wonderful projects you can make to decorate your home or give as gifts to friends and family.

DIY Wine Cork Message Board

Recycle your wine corks and keep your family organized at the same time with this creative project. You can find all the supplies you need at your local craft store. You'll need to cut the corks in half lengthwise first.

Things You'll Need

Gather the following supplies:

  • Plenty of wine corks, cut in half
  • A plain wood picture frame
  • Two-part epoxy
  • Paper plate
  • Popsicle stick
  • Craft letters
  • Paint, glitter, and other decorations

What to Do

  1. Working in a ventilated area, mix some of the two-part epoxy on a paper plate. Use a popsicle stick to stir it.
  2. Using the popsicle stick, apply epoxy to the flat side of a cork. Press it onto the glass of the picture frame in one corner.
  3. Repeat with remaining corks, working out from the corner of the frame in any pattern you like. If you run out of epoxy, mix up more.
  4. Use the epoxy to attach the letters to the frame. You can use your family's last name, a word like "NOTES" or "WELCOME," or any other message you like.
  5. If desired, paint the letters to add some color. You can also add glitter and other embellishments.

Easy Wine Cork Card Holders

You can also use wine corks to make adorable card holders. This is a great way to label wines, cheeses, and other items at a wine tasting party. These also make lovely place card holders for a wedding or dinner party. No matter how you use them, these are easy to make in about five minutes per holder.

Things You'll Need

Pick up these supplies at your craft store or around the house:

  • Three wine corks per holder
  • Rubber band
  • Colorful ribbon
  • Card

What to Do

  1. Gather three corks together on a table so they form a triangle.
  2. Use a rubber band to tightly bind the corks together mid-way down their length.
  3. Tie a ribbon around the rubber band to cover it. If desired, make a bow to add extra decoration.
  4. Slide a card in between the front two corks and the back one. It should stand upright on the table.
Red and white wedding cork labels

Rustic Grape Wine Art

This creative wine cork project makes a beautiful wall decoration for your kitchen or dining room, especally if you love decorating with salvaged items. It's also a lovely gift to bring a friend at a housewarming party. It's simple and fun and takes about an hour to make.

Things You'll Need

Gather the following supplies, available from stores and around your home:

  • Weathered wood or reclaimed lumber, such as barn wood
  • Two or three dozen wine corks
  • A twig or branch
  • Two-party epoxy
  • Paper plate and popsicle stick
  • Pencil

What to Do

  1. Place the wood on your work surface. Arrange the corks in a rough grape cluster, moving them around until you're satisfied. When you're happy with the design, trace around each cork with a pencil and set the corks aside.
  2. In a well-ventilated area, mix the epoxy on a paper plate using the popsicle stick.
  3. Apply epoxy to the end of each cork and gently press it onto the wood in one of the spots you marked. Continue until all the corks are in place.
  4. Use more epoxy to attach the branch at the top.
  5. Allow the epoxy to dry. Then enjoy your wine art!
Wine corks forming grapes

Cork Christmas Decoration

Show off your Christmas spirit in style with this fun DIY wine cork project. This makes a great holiday decoration for your home, or you can give it as a gift to a friend or family member. Choose the background color based on your personal preference. The project takes about an hour.

Things You'll Need

You'll need the following items, available at craft stores:

  • Wine corks
  • Star decoration
  • Background of choice, such as raw or painted wood or clear glass
  • Two-part epoxy
  • Paper plate and popsicle stick

What to Do

  1. Place the background on your work surface and arrange the corks in the shape of a Christmas tree. Move them around until you get them the way you want.
  2. Mix up the epoxy on the paper plate.
  3. Use the popsicle stick to apply the epoxy to the ends of the corks, starting at the top of the tree and working your way down.
  4. When you're done gluing the corks in place, add a star at the top.
  5. Allow the decoration to dry.
christmas tree form by corks with red wine

Use Extra Corks With Creative Wine Cork Projects

No matter which wine cork project you choose, this is a great way to use up those extra corks. Save corks from all your favorite bottles or from special events to make your art even more meaningful.

4 DIY Wine Cork Art and Craft Ideas