Wish Granting Charities for Adults

Updated April 4, 2018
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Wish granting charities for adults provide terminally ill patients and seniors the chance to focus on something positive in their life. The desired products, trips, or experiences given by these charities provide either comfort in a person's last days or the chance to give their family members one last happy memory together.

Dream Foundation

Dream Foundation founded by Thomas Rollerson in 1994 was the first organization to grant wishes to adults aged 18 and over. Approximately 75 percent of all the granted wishes are filled with non-cash donations including frequent flier air miles, hotel rooms, meals, park and event tickets, or medical supplies. Cash, surprises, cruises, and automobiles are among the things this nonprofit will not fulfill.

To qualify, participants must be:

  • Over age 18
  • Living in the United States
  • Lacking resources to fulfill the dream on their own
  • Diagnosed with a terminal illness with life expectancy under nine months

Dreamers can apply online but must include all requested personal information and the signature of the applicant's physician. The entire process from application to wish granted can take anywhere from six weeks to a few months unless it is noted as an emergency request for someone with less than two months left to live. One other adult and the dreamer's children under age 18 are allowed to participate in the wish, too.

Stella's Wish

Individuals diagnosed with terminal Stage-4 cancer of any kind can ask to have a wish granted from this charitable organization. Each request through Stella's Wish Foundation must be accompanied by a letter from the patient's doctor showing that the person has this level of cancer. This foundation supports wishes that include things like short family trips or attendance at a professional sporting event, but not medical costs. Participants or their family members start by submitting the online referral form. The Board of Directors will then contact individuals to complete the second phase if they vote to fund that wish.

Second Wind Dreams

Founded by a geriatric specialist, this nonprofit focuses on fulfilling dreams and wishes for senior citizens as a second chance at doing something they always dreamed of doing. The Dreams Program is coordinated by local senior and assisted living centers, hospice organizations, and other elder care service providers who obtain membership. Unlike other wish granting programs that are used solely to help terminally ill individuals, this opportunity is for any elderly person.

Volunteer groups or businesses can become Second Wind members for $100 per year and choose a local elder care community to partner with. Any seniors served by that elder care community can then get signed up for a wish. Fulfilled dreams include everything from hosting a party at the nursing home to going on the ride of a lifetime in a hot air balloon. Check with your local senior care providers to see if any are members or contact amy(at)secondwind(dot)org to find out how to see how Second Wind Dreams can help you.

Wish Upon a Wedding

In 2010. Wish Upon a Wedding was granted 501(c)(3) status as a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding weddings or vow renewals for people with serious illnesses or other life-changing scenarios.

To qualify, one member of the couple must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • A U.S. citizen
  • Given fewer than five years to live based on a diagnosis
  • In lieu of a terminal illness, couples who have experienced major life-altering circumstances like natural disasters may be considered

Donations of goods and services including dresses, venues, and wedding planners help the weddings take place in each couple's desired location. Granted wedding packages include a wedding planner, venue, caterer, photographer, cake, florist, DJ, and transportation among other details at no cost to the couple or their up to 50 guests. To submit an application, use the online form, which includes personal information, a doctor's signature, your love story, and a photo of the couple.

Making Dreams Come True

Organizations like those listed offer moments of happiness to those facing terminal illness diagnoses and other difficult circumstances. To find out more about any of these charities, please contact the organization directly, as LoveToKnow is not affiliated with the charities and cannot relay information to them.

Wish Granting Charities for Adults