115+ Nicknames for Stepmoms as Unique as She Is

Published April 8, 2021
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A stepmother can be such a beautiful, additional blessing in a child's life. Many lucky children not only get one mom who loves them, but they get two! Make sure your stepmom knows that she has a special place in your heart with these interesting and unique nicknames for stepmoms.

Nicknames for Stepmoms That Are Plays on "Mom"

Take the word "mom" and give it a tweak. It might end up being the perfect nickname for the other mother in your life.

  • Mimzie
  • Mumzie
  • Mimi
  • MM - stands for "My Mom"
  • S-Mom
  • Mamacita - means "little mother"
  • Mamoo
  • Mams
  • Aunt Mom
  • Mama Bear
  • Meems
  • Momette
  • Mombo
  • Stom - a combination of "step" and "mom"
  • Steppers
  • Stepsie
  • Mams
  • Mammie
  • Momily
  • Momaloo
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Nicknames for a Boss Step Mom

Your stepmom is a boss lady. She is a take-charge, run-the-world superhuman who you admire and took up to. Let her nickname reflect her top dog nature.

  • Alpha Mom
  • Boss Lady
  • Queen Bee
  • Miss M -stands for Miss Mom
  • Toughie Ma
  • Maj - her majesty
  • Sec - short for a mom who is the family secretary
  • Exec
  • Momager
  • Enforcer
  • Keeper - she is the keeper of the home
  • Wonder Woman
  • Honcho
  • Super Steps
  • Master S
  • Major Mom
  • Kitchen Queen
  • Empress
  • Team Leader
  • F.C. - family coordinator

Funny Nicknames for Stepmoms

If the banter and playfulness between you and your stepmom is something that you love and cherish, give her a funny nickname that will bring a smile to both of your faces.

  • Mom Bomb
  • Tiger Mom
  • Faux Mom
  • Stepmonster
  • Dos - Spanish for the number 2
  • Mottie - Mom and hottie, for a young stepmother
  • Twin Mom - another one for a young stepmother
  • Mother Hen
  • Uddermudder
  • Other Mother
  • The Repeat
  • Mamadukes
  • M & M - because she is just too sweet
  • ESM - evil stepmother, which is only funny because she totally is not evil
  • Mama Llama
  • S-awesome - for an awesome stepmother
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Sentimental Nicknames for a Stepmom

She has saved you in so many ways and while she didn't give birth to you, she is your mother in every sense of the word. Your stepmom deserves a sentimental nickname that highlights your love for her.

  • MaLo - a combination of Ma and love
  • Lovie - any child with a mommy and a lovie is a lucky kiddo
  • Bonus Mom - because she really is a bonus to your life
  • 2M - for second mother
  • SS - sweet stepmom
  • My (your name) - examples: My Christina or My Maria
  • SheMa
  • O-Ma - stands for "other mom"
  • Mom-i-cle - part mom and part miracle
  • The Beat - she is the beat of your heart
  • Hero - enough said
  • Mom-Star - she is a star to you
  • Sugar
  • Key - with her your secrets are under lock and key

Nicknames for a Stepmom Who Raised You

She raised you just like you were her own. These nicknames work for a stepmom who never thought twice about dedicating her life to you.

  • ReMa - sweet nickname for someone you consider to be your real mom or a redo mom
  • Net or Nettie - she is your safety net
  • Hugs - your favorite thing from her
  • Mama Soul - because she has yours
  • G.A. - stands for guardian angel
  • Glory
  • Stepshine - play on sunshine
  • Rock
  • Faithful
  • Step-Steady
  • Compass

Stepmom Nicknames for Rocky Relationships

Things between the two of you have not always been easy, but through it all, you and your stepmom continue to love and support one another in good times and in bad. These nicknames suit a stepmother who can be both a prize and a pill.

  • Chain - you are the ball to her chain
  • Sparring Partner
  • Rumble
  • Storms
  • Fire - she is fire and you are ice, but you love each other, nonetheless
  • Bumps
  • Momplicated
  • Rainbow - because there is beautiful after a storm
    Step-mom poses for selfie with her kids

Use a Stepmom's Birth Name

Use your stepmother's first name to help you come up with a creative and personalized nickname for her. Here are some examples of stepmom nicknames that use birth names.

  • Mamy - Amy
  • Momica - Monica
  • Mama "B" - a stepmother whose name begins with the letter "B"
  • Marge in Charge - Marge
  • Memma - Emma
  • Momaline - Madeline
  • Momstina - Christina
  • Mava - Ava
  • Millian - Lillian
  • Mo Jo - Joleen, Joellen, Josephine
  • Mummaliese - Annaliese

Turn to Worldly Words for "Mom"

If you call your biological mother "mom," think about using culture and heritage in your nickname for a stepmother who means the world to you. These words mean "mom" in different languages.

  • Màna - Greek
  • Matka - Polish
  • Ammi - Urdu
  • Mammy - Irish and Scottish
  • Madre - Spanish
  • Muminka - Czech
  • Maman - French
  • Mae - Portuguese
  • Motina - Lithuanian
  • Ema - Estonian
  • Haha - Japanese
  • Tina - Samoan
  • Ina - Filipino
  • Me - Vietnamese
  • Mati - Croatian
  • Anya - Hungarian

Choosing a Perfect Nickname for a Stepmom

While relationships between stepchildren and stepparents can be wonderful, beautiful, and enriching, they can also be tedious. With two moms in your life, you will want to make sure that each lady knows that they hold a special and unique space in your life. Choose nicknames for moms, both your birth mom and stepmom, that illustrate an equal footing and status. Nicknames can be witty and funny, but should never be offensive. Do not choose something that might cause hurt feelings.

115+ Nicknames for Stepmoms as Unique as She Is