22 Sister Bonding Activities That Make the Moments Count

Published June 7, 2021
Smiling adult sisters hanging out in kitchen eating lunch

There is nothing like the bond between sisters. Through life's ups and downs, theirs is a relationship that will stand the test of time. Like any bond between two people, a sister bond is one that has to be maintained and cared for. These sister bonding activities will keep both of you close and connected, no matter your age or your distance.

Bonding Activities That Don't Cost a Dime

Sometimes the very best bonding activities are the ones that won't cost a dime, like coming up with special sister nicknames. Spend time with your sis enjoying simple pleasures in life together.

Sister Sleepovers

If your girls are still little, give them one day a month to have a sister sleepover. Ignore their giggles and whispers that continue late into the evening and smile at the fact that soon they will be passed out cold and snuggled up together under the covers. Older sisters can easily have sleepovers too! Recreate the magic of childhood with popcorn, movies, late nights, and maybe some wine this time around!

Sisters lying in bed together laughing

Pamper Each Other

Set up a spa for your daughters to enjoy together. DIY face masks can likely be created from items you already have in your home. Allow your set of sisters to do hair masks, put cucumbers on their eyes, and take turns painting one another's nails.

Binge Watch a Netflix Series Together

If you have teenage girls in your home, encourage them to binge-watch a Netflix series over the summer or on holiday break. Let them stay in their sweats, veg out on the couch, and bond over whatever series they choose. Older sisters who live far apart can partake in this bonding activity as well. Choose a show to watch and one evening a week to watch it. Either face-time each other when the show airs or call or text each other afterward to discuss what happened on the latest installment of the series.

Start Your Own Book Club

Bond over books. Choose a book that both you and your sister will enjoy and get reading. You can assign chapters to read each week so that you can discuss them, or be loose with this concept, talking about the book once you both finish. Another idea for bookworm sisters is to each read a book and then exchange them.

Dance Until You Can't Breathe

No matter what age your age, dancing will continue to serve as some cosmic form of therapy. Dance when you are happy, dance when you are sad or angry, and dance to bond with your sister. Turn the music up loud, let your hair down and shake your groove thing until you can not breathe.

Sister Bonding Activities You'll Need To Borrow Dad's Wallet For

These bonding activities might cost a bit of money, but they are fun experiences that will result in a memorable day for you and your sister and a stronger bond for years to come.

Take Your Sister on a Date

Even young sisters can enjoy a sister date now and again! While mom browses the Target aisles, set the sisters loose (if they are of appropriate age.) Let them check out the latest fashion trends on the racks and treat one another to a Starbucks drink. As you grow older, make sure you continue the tradition of taking your sis out for drinks or dinner.

Go School Clothes Shopping Together

Back-to-school-clothes shopping is a fun experience for many, so turn the trip into a sister bonding activity. Hit the mall and try on jeans and shirts. Grab backpacks, lunch boxes, and school supplies. Once you and your sister grow up, continue the tradition with your own kids, always teaming up to get the next generation ready and prepared for school success.

Two young women trying on beret at vintage clothes stall

Embark on a Project Together

Get your hands dirty with your favorite partner in crime. Think of a project that needs to be done and tackle it together. Maybe you need a few rooms in your home painted? Throw overalls on, order pizza, uncork a bottle of wine and get painting with your sister! If you and your built-in-bestie are super handy, build something together. Get creative, get crafty, and get bonding.

Start a Holiday Gift Giving Tradition

Parents raising sisters can instill this tradition in their gals when the kids are very young. Every year take each sister shopping and have them choose one special gift to give their sister on Christmas morning. When the girls grow older, they will likely continue to spend some time and thought over the holidays, choosing a present for their sister that means so much to the both of them.

Go Christmas Shopping Together Each Year

'Tis the season for sisterly bonding! Leave the kids at home with their other parent, grab your coat, your wallet, and your Christmas shopping list. Spend the day getting gifts for your loved ones with your most cherished person. Stop for a coffee or cocoa mid-way thru and make sure to enjoy some festive downtime with your shopping sis.

Do Family Pictures Together

When you were younger, you likely sat and posed for pictures with your parents and siblings. Why stop this tradition? Once you and your sister are grown and have families of your own, hire a photographer and capture the growth and development of your families every year. Choose a different location, theme, or outfit color scheme each year for your family photograph.

Sister Bonding Activities for Siblings Who Love Adventure

When life becomes scary and unpredictable, your sister will always be there to hold your hand and tell you everything is alright. To honor this component of the sister relationship, bond over something a bit adventurous, something that you might only do with the person who you trust most in this world.

Ride Rollercoasters

Life is one big rollercoaster, so why not ride them figuratively and literally with your sis? Face your fear of heights or fear of fast with the person who has held your hand since you could walk. You will both laugh, you might cry, and you'll be reassured that no matter how frightening the issue you are facing is, your sister will always be right by your side.

Hike to Somewhere Beautiful

Get in touch with yourself, nature, and your dear sibling. Hiking is terrific for both the mind and the body, and when both are clear, bonding can easily occur. Explore new places, gaze upon stunning scenes, and use this time to connect and talk about all that is new in your life.

Two hikers crossing stream in countryside

Take a Unique Class Together

Take on something new with someone old. The two of you likely have varied interests, but that doesn't mean that you can not find common ground and learn something! Try your hand at pottery, salsa dancing, or yoga. Who cares if neither of you is any good at whatever skill you try out. So long as you are together and having fun, the time will undoubtedly be worthwhile.

Try Camping

Pitch a tent, make a fire, and relax in the forest. Camping is a great way to slow down and decompress. If you and your sister find that life has gotten hectic and you struggle to make time for just the two of you, set aside a weekend each year to get your camp on and reconnect.

Go Matching

When you and your sister were young, your parents probably dressed you up in matching outfits and bows. Now you are older, and you two call the shots when it comes to twinning. If you are of age and into inking, consider getting tattoos that have meaning to you both. If that is too extreme, buy the same piece of jewelry for each of you. Whenever you wear it, your sister won't be far from your mind.

Sister Bonding Activities That Connect to Your Heritage

You and your sister share more than just one another's secrets. You share a history and a heritage. Dive deeper into your family culture together, learning about where you came from, who the people in your family were before you and sis were a twinkle in your mother's eye and what makes your family unique and different.

Make a Sister Scrapbook

The two of you share so many fond memories from your childhood. Rifle through old photo albums and keepsake boxes from yesteryear and create side-by-side scrapbooks. They don't have to be identical, but some pages will be sure to replicate each other. Even if your sister scrapbooks diverge, you can bond while shopping for materials and assembling your pages. Make sure to both dedicate a page in your book to your sister. Include a few sweet quotes and other sister quotes that illustrate your bond and your love for each other.

Create a Meal Passed Through Generations

Go through Grandma's recipe book and find something delish that has been passed down in the family for generations. Make an apple pie for the holidays or lasagna from scratch. Choose something significant to your cultural heritage or your family culture. Invite other family members over to dine after you and your sister make tasty memories together in the kitchen.

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Visit a Place Unique to Your Family

Dive deep into your family history. Did your great-grandparents grow up in a small southern town, or did they come across the sea from some far-away place? Did your grandparents spend one week a summer in a small, sleepy lakeside village, or did your parents meet in the big city? Find a place in your shared history that has historical, familial relevance and visit it together. Do your research and connect with your roots with the person who shares them.

Visit an Elderly Relative Together Regularly

If you and your sister have older parents, a grandparent, or a great aunt, visit them regularly and do it together. Older generations will love the company and adore seeing the two of you together. They will instantly be transported back to a time where you were both knee-high to a grasshopper. Connecting with each other while connecting with elderly family is good for everyone involved.

Recreate Hilarious Photographs

How many pictures do your parents have of the two of you in the goofiest situations? Probably hundreds. Spend an afternoon recreating some of these classic pictures. You'll laugh so hard that you'll cry. Sister bonding time and a good laugh. Now that is medicine for the soul.

Learn More About Your Family Tree

Dig deeper into your lineage with your sister. Consider doing a genetic analysis or learning about ancestors. Sites like ancestry.com or myheritage.com can help you and your sister learn all about the people who share your DNA and who lived long before either of you did.

The Beauty of Sisterly Bonding

She is your best friend, your other half, keeper of all secrets, and protector of your heart. She is your sister. A sisterly bond is a beautiful one that started when the pair of you entered this world. Nothing can come between you, and no one will ever get you quite like your sister. For more bonding, share a few meaningful quotes for sisters with your own sister.

22 Sister Bonding Activities That Make the Moments Count