29 Modern Uncle Nicknames as Individual as He Is

Published March 3, 2021
Uncle chasing nephew

Being an uncle is a pretty big job. Your brother will assume all duties of fun for your little guy. Give your brother or brother-in-law the perfect uncle nickname to wear proudly as he helps raise your child.

Uncle Nicknames for Any Special Guy

When it comes to nicknames for uncles, pretty much anything goes. These general nicknames will work for just about any uncle in your child's life.

  • Unk
  • Funcle (stands for fun uncle)
  • Unkie
  • Nunk (stands for non-uncle and works for someone who is like family, but not biologically related)
  • Unko
  • Unkers
  • Unks
  • U.C or U.D. (Use initials for Uncle Chris or Uncle David, for example)
Modern Uncle Nicknames as Individual as He Is

Pair It With Personality

What is the uncle's personality? What is he best known for? Use some of his qualities or traits to include in his uncle title.

  • Uncle Speedy
  • Uncle Sleepy
  • Uncle Sporty
  • Uncle Smiles
  • Uncle Goof
  • Uncle Jingles (if he is into music)
  • Uncle Fish (for water-loving uncles)

Uncle Nicknames That Fit His Look

Does your brother resemble something else? Maybe he had his own nickname growing up that you can work into his uncle nickname? Consider a fun nickname that plays off of his physical characteristics. You kid will get a kick out of having a bear for an uncle!

  • Uncle Bear
  • Uncle Hawk
  • Uncle Bug
  • Uncle Tiger
  • Uncle Moose
  • Uncle Duckie

Uncle Nicknames Used Around the World

Tap into your family culture and heritage by gifting that special uncle in your life with a name that means "uncle" in the language of your people.

  • Oom (Dutch)
  • Tio (Spanish)
  • Zio (Italian)
  • Apo (Kurdish)
  • Onu (Estonian)
  • Unchi (Romanian)
  • Setä (Finnish)
  • Monni (Luxembourgish)
  • Chú (Vietnamese)
  • Onklo (Esperanto)
  • Mamang (Sudanese)
fun uncle playing with nephew

Uncle Nicknames Using First Names

Most male names have great nicknames that go with them. Pop a general uncle title onto any of these first-name nicknames, and you have a personalized name just for him.


  • Unkie Char (for Charlie)
  • Unko Jay (for Jason or James)
  • Unk Nicky (for Nicolas)
  • Funkle Frankie (for Frank or Francis)

Uncles Used to Be Called What?

Many words in the English language have changed over the years, and the word uncle is one of them. In Old English, a mother's brother was called an Eam. A father's brother was referred to as Faedera.

Choosing an Uncle Nickname

In the world of nicknames, pretty much anything goes. They can be traditional, silly, combinations, or shortened words, or have cultural annotation. While rules of nicknames are loosy-goosy, there are a few thoughts to pay attention to during the naming process.

Include Meaning

Whatever you decide to go with, make it mean something. So long as there is thought and feeling behind the name for you and your brother, then it will turn out to be the perfect name.

Uncle and nephew enjoying eating breakfast

Check With Your Bro First

Even if you are 99% sure that he will dig the nickname that you came up with, it is best to run any possible nicknames by him first. Let him have a say in what your child will ultimately call him just to make sure no one's feelings get hurt.

Keep It Short and Easy

Try your best to keep all nicknames simple and pronounceable. Think about your little one. Will he be able to say the nickname that you have in mind? Choose something that won't be too linguistically complex for him to get the hang of.

Sometimes Kids Have the Final Say

Even when you put mountains of thought into a nickname for a beloved uncle or other family members, sometimes kids, end up with the final say. You can call your brother by his uncle nickname all you want, but with some kids, they have their own ideas and will come up with something totally unexpected.

29 Modern Uncle Nicknames as Individual as He Is