5 Dating Sites for Introverts

Published January 14, 2020
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For those who identify as introverted, it can feel really challenging to find dating sites that work with your interactional style. Using dating sites that are built for introverts, or ones that have appropriate options that suit your communication needs can make finding a potential relationship a lot easier.

Finding the Right Dating Site As an Introvert

Introverted individuals may incorrectly be perceived as standoffish or uninterested due to their shy nature. Although in person it is easier to read when someone errs on the shy side, on a dating site, sometimes it doesn't translate. Sites geared towards those who may be slow to warm or reserved are a great option to test out.


On OkCupid, the site matches you based on personality questions and finds you potential partners that have similar interests and relationship goals. As long as you answer the questions honestly, chances are you will be able to find a compatible partner who can appreciate your introverted nature. OkCupid is free to use as long as you're okay with seeing ads while using the service. Because the site uses such a detailed approach to finding you the right match, it's a great option for introverted individuals.

Shy Passions

Shy Passions is a free dating and networking site that allows those who identify as shy, nervous, or introverted to find friendships, casual relationships, and serious partnerships. The site is easy to use and knowing that you are speaking with others who have a good understanding as to what it's like to be an introvert in the dating scene can make speaking with other potential partners seem a bit more comfortable.


Meetup is a free site that offers a great selection of introvert centered groups. Many of the groups are geared towards your Meyer's Briggs' personality type as well in case you're interested in finding a similar personality match. Although this isn't marketed as a dating site, it is certainly a great place to meet up with others who identify in similar ways and potentially find a great relationship.


Anomo is a free app where you can use an avatar to get to know people through games and casual conversations. Using this app, you can share as little or as much profile information as you'd like depending on your comfort level with each given person. This app was created by a self-described introvert so you know it is set up to suit those who may feel shy during the dating process.


Bumble may be a great option for introverted men who are interested in women, as women are the only ones who can initiate contact. This means no nervousness or hesitation needed, at least when it comes to starting a conversation. For those interested in same-sex relationships, both parties can initiate the first conversation. Bumble is a free service and offers upgraded options like match extension, re-matching with connections that have expired, and putting a spotlight on your profile to attract more users.

Using a Dating Site

When using a dating site, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be upfront about your true personality traits.
  • Chat with different types of people to see which ones you feel click best with your natural personality.
  • When you begin chatting with someone, tell them about how long it usually takes you to feel comfortable within a new relationship so they know what to expect.
  • Be honest if you feel uncomfortable sharing something and redirect the conversation towards them.
  • Share what type of relationship you are looking for from the get-go to find a compatible partner.
  • Pick a time of day when you feel the most energized when using a dating app. Introverted individuals typically need alone time to feel recharged so don't overbook yourself prior to chatting with matches or booking a date.

Letting Your True Self Come Through

Using a dating site is a great option for those who identify as introverted. Test out a few sites and apps to see which one works best for your dating needs and enjoy meeting new potential partners.

5 Dating Sites for Introverts