50 Unexpected Gifts for Families Everyone Will Love

Published October 15, 2020
family enjoying opening presents

Giving gifts for families is wonderful, age-old practice that allows family members another way of showing love to each other. This can make gift ideas for families challenging, so thinking of gifts in different categories helps make choosing easier.

4 Great Self Care Gifts for Families

The family needs time to rejuvenate and hopefully do this together. Gift ideas for families that allow families the opportunity for downtime and give the family the opportunity to bond.

Spa Day

The family can enjoy body massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures. The gift ideas can be a combination of all of these suited best for each family member.

Chef for a Day

Provide a family a chef for a day that creates one customized meal or an entire day of meals to meet the family's needs. This will relieve parents and also give families another chance to spend time together.

Young chef holding a plate


Give parents some cherished alone time with a babysitter for the evening or weekend. This gift can be a definite marriage saver.

Maid Service

Give a family a gift of help. They will get help to clean and can use that time saved for a family activity.

2 Gifts for the Exercising Family

For fit families, consider the following gifts.

Fitness Wear

Fitness wear for the whole family can be trendy and make a statement together in matching gym wear.

Family Gym Passes

A family that trains together, stays together. These are perfect for a family of fitness buffs.

5 Gift Ideas for Families That Like Games & Activities

Family game nights are extremely popular. Gift ideas for families to add more love and laughter are always appreciated.

Magazine Subscriptions

Whether online or physical magazines, a subscription for the family is a great idea. Make sure to choose magazines best suited for age and interests.

Snack Subscriptions

A very trendy gift idea is a snack subscription. Customized to the family's needs, this gift idea is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Board Games

An oldie but goodie, family game nights are popular for a reason. Make sure to gift the family board games that allow for four and more players so that all family members are included.

family playing board game together

Puzzle Books

An assortment of puzzle books for different ages can be a great gift idea for families.

Coloring Books

A recent trend of adult coloring books now allows parents to join in the fun in a group activity of coloring. For example, if your family loves animals, try this Frogburps coloring book.

8 Best Home Goods Family Gift Ideas

The thought of family invokes thoughts of hearth and home. Gift for families in this theme will surely hit the spot.

Homemade Cakes/Cookies

It's the thought that counts. Taking the time to bake a cake or whip up a batch of cookies says "you're special and loved."

Family Photos

Gift a family with a copy of great framed candid. Help them memorialize a moment that they thought they missed.

Personalized Gift Baskets

Although kind of cliched, personalized gift baskets can show a family know how much well they are known and match their exact needs.

gift basket

Care Packages

These packages can be customized for a family that recently moved. Choose a package that caters to the homesickness, or a package that welcomes them with a taste of their new community.

Assortment of Teas and Hot Beverages

For families in seasonal cities, assortment of teas and hot beverages, nothing welcomes the fall like an assortment of tea and hot beverages. Make sure to include a blend or beverage for every family member.

Personalized Family Mugs

These may be overdone, but personalized photo mugs are still a cute and useful gift. There's no such thing as too many mugs.

Canvas Prints

Family pictures are always appreciated. Having one printed on canvas will be loved.

Personalized Family Candles

While mostly decorative in nature, personalized family candles are still a great addition to family rooms. The recipients are sure to appreciate this thoughtful gesture.

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

A custom engraved cutting board is a thoughtful personalized gift for a family. Regardless of who rules the kitchen, an engraved cutting board is an awesome way to include the entire family in the hearth of the home.

Monogrammed Tumblers

Monogrammed tumblers are another great and useful gift idea for families. The personalized touch will please most families.

Family Name Throw Pillow Cover

This idea can utilize the family name or do a pillow cover for each family member. Either way, the family will love.

Monogrammed Bathrobes

Get comfy together and everyone can get one, from toddler right up to parent. Choose personalized or monogrammed matching bathrobes sure to wrap the entire family in cozy softness.

4 Gift Ideas for the Trips and Activities Loving Family

Family trips form the basis of many family memories. A gift of a family trip only adds to that cache of memories.

Broadway Tickets

If the family loves musicals and is living in New York City, the chance to see a performance at Broadway will be unforgettable and deeply appreciated.

Season Museum Passes

A lovely gift for the museum loving family without the unnecessary pressure of keeping dates. The season pass allows the family to visit whenever they want and as often as they want.

Family Pass to Aquarium

Whether it is a love for sharks, penguins or seals, tickets to the aquarium are a great gift idea for families.

family enjoying a day at the aquarium

Season Movie Passes

For the family that are movie buffs, a season pass for the entire family to their local movie theater is a great gift.

10 Amazing Outdoor and Fun Gifts for Families

Many families still love the outdoors and enjoy it as a family. Gift ideas that take the family outdoor to spend time together are good gifts for this group.


Family cruises are very popular. Gift a family with a weekend cruise that caters to the entire family.

Safari Trip

It doesn't have to be on the continent of Africa. Delight the safari-loving family with a trip to a local safari or drive-through animal reserve.

Family Pass to Zoo

Most kids love the zoo. Gifting the family with a zoo pass is a wonderful way to provide them with a family outing.

Season Theme Park Passes

For the fans of roller coasters and water rides, a season pass to a theme park is a gift would be a dream come true.

Family Paint Night Tickets

Some families want to paint, but hate to clean up. This gift gives them that and a fun evening together.

Family Outdoor Camp Experience

For the family that enjoys camping in their backyard but wants a different venue, gift them a trip to a campsite for the real experience.

Bicycle Rental Vouchers

Some families love to ride but may not own bicycles. This gift meets a need while providing a great family activity.

family riding bicycles together

Family Tough Mudder

For the really fit and adventurous family, give them the Tough Muddder experience. Using the family as a team as they navigate the course, is an experience they won't forget.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a life skill and something that the family can do together. An especially great gift idea for families with young children just learning to swim.

Portable Badminton Net

If they love badminton, this gift allows them to play the sport wherever they go.

The 12 Best Family Gifts When You're Out of Ideas

Sometimes the gift doesn't fall into a particular category. That doesn't make it any less unique and special.

Gift Cards

It's the go to gift idea but also gives the family the chance to get what they want.

House Share

Open the vacation home for a weekend or longer. Whether it's a cabin in the woods, or beachfront property, allowing the use to a family will be unforgettable.

Cooking Class

Another life skill that the family can practice together while having fun, and a great gift idea.

Family Pajamas

Comfy and cute, this gift idea for families will also very likely be used.

Personalized Family Socks

A pair for everyone, another gift that a family will love, appreciate and actually use.

Individualized Sweaters

It doesn't have to be the dreaded ugly Christmas sweater. Give the gift to any family who experiences cold weather using a monogram or other personalized features.

Personalized Baseball Hats

Get them hats! Especially a sport loving family. Guaranteed to be worn by the soccer mom.

Personalized Bedroom Slippers

Not often thought about, but cold feet are a thing. Get every family member bedroom slippers to solve that problem.

Custom Family Art Print

This could be a family tree or a rendition of a favorite family photo. It makes a great gift because it is all about the family.

Genetic Ethnicity Test

A genetic ethnicity test is a lovely gift for any family, and even lovelier for a mixed heritage family. Gives the family a chance to trace roots and honor family history.

Personalized Family Tree Art

Great gift idea for family to display their family history.

Multi-Device Charging Station

A multi-device charging station for the 21st century family where everyone owns a device is an excellent and useful gift.

Echo Smart Speaker With Alexa

The entire family benefits from the Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa. Excellent for owners of Alexa but can also be bluetooth enabled for an android. A great gift for the family.

Smart speaker in studio

Giving Is an Act of Love

Whether it is an expression of gratitude or love, gift giving is an established practice. No one wants to give a bad gift. Getting to know the likes and need of the intended recipient is the best way to give a great gift. When looking for gift ideas for family, the gift that allows for memories to be created together will always be appreciated.

50 Unexpected Gifts for Families Everyone Will Love