80+ Fun Brother Nicknames That Hit the Mark

Published February 4, 2021
Brothers having fun

Brother nicknames can be a sign of affection for your sibling. Nicknames often have a way of manifesting on their own, but if you're searching for brother nicknames, you may find the perfect one from a few lists.

Cool Brother Nicknames

You can browse a list of brother nicknames that mean brother that also start with B. Any of these nicknames makes a great moniker for your sibling.

  • Beau: This French name is used for handsome males and makes a good nickname for your good-looking brother.
  • Bro: This is short for brother.
  • Bruh: This is slang for bro (brother).
  • Bruv: This is the British slang for brother.
  • Bub: Bub is considered an impolite nickname for a stranger.
  • Bubba: Bubba is slang for brother and a younger brother is often dubbed, Bubba.
  • Buck: Buck is a nickname for a male deer and often refers to a young male.
  • Bud: Bud is a common nickname for a brother.
  • Buddy: Buddy is a common nickname for a male friend or brother.
Fun Brother Nicknames That Hit the Mark

Nicknames That Mean Brother in Other Languages

You may decide to use a cool nickname for your brother by choosing a language different from your native tongue. You can choose a foreign name that means brother.

  • Hermano: Spanish
  • Bruder: German
  • Brawd: Welsh
  • Fratello: Italian
  • Anaia: Basque
  • Brat: Russian
  • Bràthair: Scottish/Gaelic
  • Bror: Norwegian
  • Frère: French
  • Broer: Danish

Nicknames for Brothers With Musical Abilities

If your brother is a musician or singer, then you might choose the name of a famous musician or singer. This type of nickname is often a way you can tease your sibling without poking too much fun at their talent. For example, when your brother is practicing the keyboard or singing a song, you can always shout, "Play it, Beethoven," or "Sing it, Hag."

  • Mozart: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed his first classical music at five years old and influenced the Classical period music as a composer and pianist.
  • Beethoven: Ludwig van Beethoven was a classical composer and pianist.
  • Ringo: Ringo Starr was the drummer for the famous British band, The Beatles.
  • Led: Led Zeppelin was a very successful English rock band.
  • Zep or Zeppie: Two more possible nicknames for Led Zeppelin.
  • Boss: Bruce Springsteen is a well-known rock and folk-style musician, nicknamed The Boss.
  • Jimi: Jimi Hendrix was the most influential rock musician as an electric guitarist.
  • Cash: Johnny Cash was a famous country singer and musician.
  • Hag: Famous country singer and musician, Merle Haggard's nickname was Hag.
  • Satchmo: Famous American trumpeter and jazz musician, Louis Armstrong's nickname was Satchmo or Satch, which were nicknames for his original nickname "Satchelmouth."
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Nicknames for Brothers Who Play Sports

What could be a more appropriate name for your brother than one related to his favorite sport? You can also consider a famous sports figure for your brother's nickname.

  • Chipper: Chipper Jones, aka Larry Wayne Jones, Jr. was a Major Legend Baseball (MLB) player.
  • Boomer: Norman Julius "Boomer" Esiason is a former NFL quarterback.
  • Yogi: Baseball player Yogi Berra (Lawrence Peter Berra) was a famous American baseball catcher who won 10 World Series championships and was an 18-time All-Star.
  • Ace: Best pitcher for a baseball team is called Ace.
  • Slugger: A strong batter in baseball is called a slugger.
  • Shotgun: A football offense formation is called a shotgun.
  • Kos: This is short for kickoff specialist.
  • Chirp: When a hockey team or player talks trash about the opposing team, it's called chirping.
  • Putt: If your brother plays golf, this can be a fun nickname to imply using a putter.
  • Duff: If your golfing brother makes bad shots, this might be a good nickname.
  • Juice: To surfers, the power of a wave is known as juice.
  • Nug: To surfers, nug means a good wave.
  • Hoops: The basketball hoop makes a fun nickname for your brother.
  • Dunk: If your brother makes a lot of basketball dunk shots, this can be an ideal nickname.

What Do You Call Small Brother?

If your brother is smaller and is younger than you, a nickname that reflects this may be an affectionate way to let him know he's special. You can select one of the names that best personifies your sibling.

  • Half-Pint: This nickname is used for a smaller/younger brother.
  • Junior: Junior can distinguish that your brother is younger than you.
  • Kid: This name implies a younger brother.
  • Lil' Bits: This nickname means a little (younger) brother.
  • Little Man: This nickname describes your brother as being younger than you.
  • Pintsize: This nickname is used to describe a younger brother.
  • Pup: This nickname implies a younger brother.
  • Short-Stuff: A younger brother is usually shorter than his older brother.
  • Shrimp: Older brothers often refer to their young brothers as shrimp.
  • Tiny: If your brother is younger than you, chances are he is also smaller in size.
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What Are Cute Nicknames for Brother?

A few cute nicknames for your brother may prove inspiring. You could decide that a cute nickname for your brother is desirable.

  • Bamm-Bamm: In The Flintstones cartoon, BammBamm didn't know his own strength and slammed a big club while shouting, "Bamm-Bamm."
  • Boo-Boo: The Yogi Bear Show cartoon featured a small bear that followed the larger bear, Yogi, everywhere he went.
  • Bogey: The nickname Bogey is short of the bogeyman, a mythical monster that frightens children. Naming your kid brother Bogey is a cute way to deflate the myth.
  • Bug: If your brother likes bugs or if he just bugs you, this is a good nickname.
  • Cowboy: A cowboy is a ranch hand that wrangles cattle, but can also be slang for a risk-taker.
  • Goober: Goober is a nickname for peanut and is slang for a silly person.
  • Grumpy: Grumpy was one of the Seven Dwarfs in Walt Disney's Snow White and is a cute name for a brother who is often grouchy.
  • Old Man: This is often a favorite name for an older brother.
  • Shadow: If your brother is like your shadow, then this is a cute nickname for him.
  • Sherlock: Sherlock Holmes is a cute nickname for a brother who loves solving mysteries.
  • Sidekick: A brother who is always with you and you have a close relationship with might find this nickname fun.
  • Snoopy: While the Peanuts cartoon beagle is named Snoopy, this might be a cute nickname for a brother who is always butting in and snooping around.
  • Spooky: This nickname is cute for a ghost-hunting enthusiast brother or one who is scared of the dark.
  • Yoda: If your kid brother is always trying to instruct you on everything, you won't find a better nickname.
  • Professor: If your brother is a bookworm, you may find this a cute nickname for him.

List Of Funny Bro Names

A list of funny bro names can help you find a great moniker for a brother who knows how to have fun. You might decide a funny name suits your brother better than his given name.

  • Bart: The character Bart from The Simpsons cartoon is a prankster and often all-around bad boy.
  • Bull: If your brother accidentally breaks things like a bull in a china shop or is just plain stubborn, go with this nickname.
  • Burrito: If your brother loves burritos this the nickname he needs.
  • Caveman: The nickname Caveman is self-explanatory for this nickname.
  • Chewbacca: This can be either a name for a tall brother or a Star Wars fan.
  • Dimps: If your brother has dimples, then by all means you need to call him Dimps.
  • Doc: A brother who is always diagnosing everything is a good candidate for this nickname.
  • Joker: Your brother may be a prankster or just a Batman fan to warrant this nickname.
  • Runt: If your brother is taller and bigger than you, this contradictory name may be perfect.
  • Scout: If your brother is a fan of To Kill a Mockingbird or simply enjoys scouting out places, this is a fun nickname for him.
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State and City Names for Affectionate Brother Nicknames

You can choose your state or city as a meaningful nickname for your brother. He may admire someone from a particular state or city.

  • Alabama: Whether your brother hails from the state, loves the band, or is an Alabama Crimson Tide football fan, it's all covered with this nickname.
  • Arizona: This is a good name, even if your brother doesn't live in this state.
  • Boston: The Boston Red Sox baseball team may be your brother's favorite team and makes a good nickname choice.
  • Chicago: A fan of the Chicago Bears might enjoy being called Chicago.
  • Dallas: This is a great nickname for a Dallas Cowboys football team fan.
  • Indiana: This is a good nickname for a brother who loves archeology or simply Indiana Jones movies.
  • Kansas: This is a good choice if your brother is from Kansas, a fan of the Kansas Jayhawks, or a fan of Mike Pompeo, former Director of the CIA, Kansas Representative, and Secretary of state whose nickname is Kansas.
  • Montana: This state name means mountain and is a perfect name for a tall, linebacker sized brother.
  • Seahawk: This nickname is taken from the Seattle Seahawks football team.
  • Tex: If your brother lives in Texas or is from Texas, why not give him this nickname?

What Are Good Brother Nicknames?

Some brother nicknames are variances of the word for brother. You can discover good brother nicknames that have various meanings that may be specific to your brother.

80+ Fun Brother Nicknames That Hit the Mark