Best Online Friend Quizzes

Updated May 2, 2018
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The best friendship quizzes may be helpful in evaluating your relationships, or they just might be designed for entertainment and laughter. Take one of these quizzes to discover more about your friendships or just for fun.

1. What Kind of Friend Are You?

Quizony's What Kind of Friend Are You? quiz is lighthearted and fun, but might give some insight in the type of friend you are. This 29-question quiz offers questions on a variety of hypothetical situations and preferences. They recommend you answer without thinking too much about beforehand, so trust your instincts. Find out at the end of the quiz what your strengths are as a friend and share the results via Facebook if you wish.

2. Can You Spot a Toxic Friend?

This quiz on discerning true versus toxic friendship is from WebMD's teen section. If you've had questions or concerns about a friend's behavior, or just want to be able to spot warning signs of a toxic friendship, this is a good option. The nine-question quiz describes situations and asks you whether the person in each is a true friend, a toxic friend, or it's too tough to call. You get the answers and explanations after each question.


3. What Does It Mean to Be a Friend?

The What Does It Mean to Be a Friend? quiz can be a good self-assessment to see how good of a friend you are to others. It walks you through a series of questions designed to relate to real-life scenarios and asks you to answer with your most likely response. You'll get an answer and an explanation after each question, and these can help you discover your strengths and weaknesses so you can be a better friend.

4. Which Disney Duo Describes You and Your Best Friend?

Perfect for Disney fans or BFFs who just want to check out the fun of which characters represent their friendship, this Disney friend quiz asks you to describe your friendship through a series of simple questions. At the end, you'll discover which Disney pair is a match. Whether it's Ariel and Flounder, Aladdin and Genie, or a host of other duos, the result is sure to make you and your bestie smile.

5. Who’s the Better Friend?

This popular quiz is designed as a challenge between two best friends. You each take the quiz, which consists of checking off different things that you are certain you know about the other person, and the one with the highest score wins. As long as you and your friend don't take it too seriously, this can be a fun challenge, and you may even learn something new about him or her.


6. Is Your Friendship Working for You?

Developed by a psychologist, this 10 question quiz evaluating friendship is made up of 10 yes or no questions designed to measure how well your friendships are working out for you. The questions concern common feelings and potential actions, and the results help you identify if you need to be more assertive or make other changes in your friendships.

7. What Should Your and Your Friend Be for Halloween?

If you're stumped on what to dress up together as for Halloween or a costume party, try this fun quiz. You'll answer a series of questions on what you and your friend most like (and like to do together) and be given a famous pair as your ideal costume match. Some answers are pretty random, which can make it fun just for laughs.

8. Is He More Than Just a Friend?

Wondering if the feelings you have for your guy friend aren't just platonic? Take this Is He More Than Just a Friend? from Clevver to find out. It will ask you questions about how you think, act, and feel about your guy friend as clues to your true feelings. This quiz uses pictures and text questions, so it's a fun mix. Keep in mind it's just for entertainment, though, and does not necessarily represent a concrete truth about your relationship.


9. Friendship Compatibility Quiz

This unique quiz from Similar Minds provides a compatibility rating based on a number of descriptions about you and another person (make sure to choose "friend" on the main page; this can be used for romantic relationships too). You rate each question from very inaccurate to very accurate for both you and your friend. It's a 50-question quiz, so be prepared to take this one when you have some extra time on hand.

10. How Much Do You Know About Health Friendships?

This is a great informational quiz for tween girls. It has eight questions that girls need to answer about different situations, such as sharing feelings and having arguments, each with several multiple choice options. The results give whether each answer is right or wrong with an explanation of why.

Best Online Friend Quizzes