Can You Really Fall in Love on Your First Date?

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Love happens every day

Your riding high on endorphins and that date was amazing. It has you wondering, can you fall in love on your first date? The answer is dependent on the people on the date and the date itself. If you think you're falling in love on the first date, don't rush it but don't fight it either. Let this new found love flow naturally.

Instant Chemistry

Going out on a first date can be a nerve-wracking experience, but if it goes really well, you could walk away from the date riding high on endorphins, a good time and the distinct pleasure at the thought of seeing your date again. You experienced chemistry with your date, but are you in love? Early dating focuses on the fun, the good times and enjoying the novelty of the experience with someone else.

Consider your answers to the following questions:

  • Did you go out with the person because you were already interested in him or her?
  • Were you set up on the date?
  • Is this the first date you have been on in a long time?
  • How did you meet this date?

These questions are important, because they go to your level of expectations where the date was concerned. Most of the time, a first date may result in a healthy case of lust and continued interest. If you feel like you are falling in love, don't fight it, but don't rush out and react to it either. Lust and love can be indistinguishable in the earliest stages of a relationship, and it can take time to sort out the differences.

Infatuated, but Cautious

Ask anyone when they fell in love with the person they are with and you will get a different story. Most can't pinpoint an exact moment that "love" occurred. However, many people who are in love can tell you that when they met the person they are in love with - there was something different about him or her.

Love is such a complex emotion, and it can be difficult to break love down into the many different facets on a timeline. So, don't try. If you're feeling good about your date and you're enjoying his or her company, then go with it. Take the time to get to know him or her. Go out on a second and third date. Develop your friendship.

Get to know him or her on a daily basis through the difficulties of life. Most people put on their shiny, happy face for a first date. They want to put their best foot forward. It's easy to love that bright, smiling face and happy personality. If that love continues to grow as you get to know the person deep beneath the surface, then it is all for the better.

Can You Fall in Love on Your First Date?

So yes, you can fall in love on your first date, but you shouldn't act on those feelings by leaping into marriage or other long-term commitment. You shouldn't go into a first date expecting to fall in love. You should also refrain from shouting your feelings out to your date. The evolution of a relationship requires two people, and some people reach their emotional commitment faster than others. If you tell your date you are in love with him or her and he or she is not there yet, you could scare the person off.

Real love doesn't need to be rushed or staked out like a mine claim. Love does need to be nurtured with a tender, caring heart. Take the time to savor the love, the moments that collect as you spend more time together, get to know each other and let the relationship deepen of its own accord.

Falling in Love

Can you fall in love on your first date? Yes. However, if you rush to declare your feelings, you may not be saying, "I love you" so much as "I am scared this feeling will go away." Don't let insecurity hurry you to a bad choice.

Can You Really Fall in Love on Your First Date?