Can You Use Instagram Pictures on Tinder?

Published April 2, 2018
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Users of the popular dating app Tinder aren't limited to posting photos from their phone or computer. They can also instantly add images from their Instagram account as well.

How to Link Tinder to Instagram

Linking to Instagram is only available through the iOS and Android Tinder apps. While you can use Tinder from the website on a computer, you cannot link your account to Instagram via the website; It must be done through your mobile device.

1. Open the Tinder app on your phone and go to the Settings screen.

Tinder user account screen

2. Tap on the Edit Info icon (the pencil in the circle), which will bring you the Edit Profile section of the app.

Tinder edit profile screen

3. In the image above, the grey profile picture is the one that has been added to this account at the start. Now, scroll down this screen until you find "Show my Instagram Photos." Tap on the red "Connect Instagram" link.

Instagram integration in Tinder app

4. This will take you to the Instagram login screen. Enter your username and password and the next screen will ask you to allow Tinder to access your information on Instagram. Tap on the green Authorize button to continue.

Instagram page to connect to Tinder

5. You will be routed back to Tinder and when you look in your Edit Info section, you will see that you are connected to Instagram. If you decide to disconnect it, simply go back here in the future and tap on the Disconnect link.

Show Instagram pictures in Tinder app

6. Another method to do this is to go to your account screen where your picture is displayed. Tap on the red "Connect" button with the Instagram icon and then follow the same steps as above.

Instagram photo in Tinder mobile app

7. Now when you go back to look at your profile screen, you will see your photos from Instagram. The blue profile image was loaded separately from Instagram and now appears in your Tinder account.

Tinder account profile with Instagram images

Tinder will only add the most recent 34 photos from your Instagram profile.

Privacy Settings

If you have your Instagram account set to private, only your most recent photos will appear on Tinder. Linking to Tinder does not affect your settings on Instagram. Tinder will also not post any pictures you upload directly to Tinder to Instagram, only the other way around. Tinder users will see a link to your main Instagram page and can tap on this, but they will not be able to view your page if you have your privacy settings enabled.

If you don't want people on Tinder knowing too much about you, you can change your privacy settings in Instagram by going to the Options screen and turning on the Private Account toggle.

  • You may also want to turn off "Allow Others to Reshare," which prevents people from adding your posts to the stories they create. It also prevents them from seeing your username.
  • If you don't want unsolicited comments from Tinder users, you should also "Turn Off Commenting." This can be accessed from the dot menu above your photo uploads.
  • Go into Story Settings, which is the small "sun" icon on the top left of the camera screen. The default setting for "Allow Message Replies" is "Everyone." You can change it to only people who follow you or turn it off entirely.
  • You can also choose to hide your story and live videos you create from specific people by clicking on the number of people under "Hide Story From." If you have not hidden from anyone yet, the number will be zero. You can also turn off "Allow Sharing" under the Sharing option on this screen.

The downside of allowing the Instagram link with Tinder is, even if they can't find your real name, they can see your Instagram username, and a person adept with social media and Google research could find more information about you from other social networks. Likewise, people who you actually do meet up with via Tinder can use the link to find your name and other personal data, which you may not want if the date goes sour.

Swipe Right for Beautiful Photos

Linking photos directly from Instagram to Tinder is definitely a time saver. If you're an active Tinder user and you want to share your excellent photos from Instagram, use these steps to skip the hassle of uploading them to both platforms separately.

Can You Use Instagram Pictures on Tinder?