6 Causes of Infatuation

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Some of the underlying causes of infatuation have to do with the chemicals in your body and the feelings that cause you intense pleasure. Make sure you know the difference between love and infatuation before you commit to a relationship for the wrong reasons.

Uncovering the Causes of Infatuation

Find the underlying cause of what happens when you are infatuated and learn to recognize the difference between true love and true lust.

You Have a Chemical Reaction

You might actually feel high and euphoric when you're infatuated with someone. In your brain the dopamine center is rewarded when you see or think about your love interest. Then your brain gets flooded with dopamine. This pleasure response feels so good that it's easy to mistake infatuation with a real connection. Many relationships are built on this pleasure and reward reaction, which can basically self-destruct when the two of you realize this is what holds you together.

You Love to Fall in Love

Falling in love, whether it's the first time or any time, is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world and one of the causes of infatuation. When you're in love, everything in the world seems right. You can't get enough of the person and it becomes almost like an addiction to be together. When the feelings change over time, the adrenaline rush is no longer there and you might find yourself wishing for a new lover to captivate your interest.

You Live for Excitement

When you're settled down with someone, you will still feel love and passion, but it's difficult to hold on to the heightened feelings of infatuation long term. Life becomes more ordinary and even boring at times. No one person can always be exciting and stimulating. If you're going from person to person falling crazy in love and then out of it, you probably have a need for excitement and drama that another person simply cannot complete. In a new relationship, you go through stages and you must pass through each step together.

Sexual Attraction

When you are physically attracted to someone this can be another of the causes of infatuation. Chemistry between two people takes over logic and suddenly you're enamored with your loved one. Even though you might not have tons of things in common or share the same goals, when you're infatuated, you tend to ignore those things. Once the feelings settle down, it becomes clear whether the relationship is worth it to keep long turn.

You Live in Fantasyland

No one person is perfect all the time. When you are infatuated, however, it almost feels like you've found that unattainable person-and you perceive him or her as being flawless. Over time, you might spend so much time thinking about that person that the feelings spin out of control and you have trouble concentrating or functioning with daily life. Instead of the relationship becoming real, it starts to become like an obsession. Your imagination runs wild and soon you're in trouble.

You Haven't Found the Right Person

Your perfect match will probably be someone who infatuates you at the beginning, but who you can also settle down with and simply enjoy life for the long haul. Relationships are not always easy, but when you have someone who gives you a deeper connection and lasting love, you will want to make it work. Even without the intensity, you'll continue to feel good about the relationship.

Is Your Love Real?

It's worth it to learn how to recognize the difference from infatuation and real love. Take a test to find out if you're infatuated or if your love is real.

6 Causes of Infatuation