7 Tips About Building Chat Room Relationships

Updated October 20, 2018
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If you need relationship advice now an online relationship advice chat room could help. You can find chat rooms with experts and therapists or those filled with other people just like you.

7 Cups of Tea

Seven Cups claims to be "The world's largest emotional support system." Professional and trained volunteer listeners are available to chat any time of day online for free. Check out the free Questions & Answers section where you'll find answers so you don't have to wait for a live person.

Features and Benefits

Reviewers at e-counseling.com give the site an overall three out of five stars with one sharing "I think it's a great place to connect and socialize." Some of the best features include:

  • Free app for iPhone and Android
  • Help with topics other than relationships
  • Available in 140 languages
  • Sort listeners by topic such as breakups, forgiveness, or LGBTQ

Disadvantages and Concerns

Like any website, 7 Cups is not without its downfalls. A few problems you might run into are:

  • Most listeners are volunteers without expertise
  • In-app purchases and upgraded memberships cost about $100 per year
  • There might not be someone available to live chat
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7 Cups


At loveisrespect.org the goal is to help young people have healthy relationships and prevent abusive ones. DatingAdvice.com says the site is "the most reliable and authoritative organization focused on helping teens and young adults...end abusive relationships."

Features and Benefits

The website started out as the National Dating Abuse Hotline and has support from politicians and big businesses. Some of the best features are:

  • Relationship resources for people in a relationship crisis
  • Optional pre-chat survey
  • Options to chat via text or online messenger

Disadvantages and Concerns

Since the site has a singular purpose, it limits users and the information they receive. Some of the biggest concerns are:

  • Not intended for general relationship questions
  • Advocates don't give advice but ask questions, listen, and give resources
  • Geared toward teens only
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Christian Chat

People from around the world practicing Christianity can chat about different relationship topics on a chat forum at Christian Chat. Create a free account then search for an appropriate forum such as relationship help or sabotaging relationships.

Features and Benefits

The Christian Chat app has an average of four-and-a-half stars out of 5 with one user boasting "I have found it has provided some real help, in that it has edified me and my faith." Other great benefits include:

  • Chat forums are moderated
  • Free app available
  • Advice from a Christian perspective

Disadvantages and Concerns

Since the chat room is not strictly moderated, you may not actually chat with other Christians.

  • Chats are with people who don't have specialized training
  • People can create fake profiles
  • No guarantees someone can chat when you are ready
Screenshot of christianchat.com home page
Christian Chat

Relationship Hero

If you don't mind paying for expert advice, Relationship Hero offers a unique chat experience for around $1.50 per minute. For your first chat, you get ten minutes free. You'll be asked a few simple questions about your chosen topic to help match you with a counselor.

Features and Benefits

Reviewers on Bark give the site nearly five out of five stars with one stating the site "help(ed) me re-balance my life by showing me how to focus on improving myself." More benefits of the chat include:

  • Experts trained in counseling fields
  • Available 24/7
  • Money-back guarantee if dissatisfied after first 30 minutes
  • Upload screenshots for analysis

Disadvantages and Concerns

While the site boasts your ability to chat with a trained professional, those you speak with might not have the credentials you'd expect. Other concerns are:

  • Costs can add up; for example, 30 minutes costs roughly $45
  • One short chat may not be enough to cover your needs
  • Counselors are not necessarily accredited or certified
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Relationship Hero


Reddit is filled with specified forums where people can share advice and experiences. There is a general forum for anyone looking for relationship advice, or there are more specialized forums like the Ask Men forum for men only. You'll need to create a free account to post, comment, or vote then you can look for existing conversations or start a new one.

Features and Benefits

A contributor to Elle magazine shares, "(I) have walked away, I believe, a more understanding and patient person." Other great features are:

  • Search topics by filters like popularity and new posts
  • Read current chats without creating an account
  • Vote posts and comments up or down based on usefulness for future visitors

Disadvantages and Concerns

This chat forum is open to anyone, so you never know what kind of conversations you'll get into. Other downfalls include:

  • Moderated by volunteers
  • Responses to chats may not be immediate
  • Advice is from other people, not experts
Screenshot of Reddit relationship advice page
Reddit relationship advice

Chat Room Etiquette and Tips

A chat room is essentially a virtual public forum where anyone can join in the conversation. Some dos and don'ts for relationship advice chat rooms are:

  • Don't use your real name
  • Don't provide any specific personal information
  • Don't do everything everyone tells you to do
  • Do ask a generalized question or give a general overview of your situation
  • Do think over the advice you receive before taking action
  • Do be gracious and thank others for their help

Get Immediate Advice

Relationship advice chat rooms give you the chance to gather lots of opinions, perspectives, and advice in one place quickly. Choose the chat room that best fits your needs whether you're a teen or a senior.

7 Tips About Building Chat Room Relationships