Choosing a Men’s Divorce Forum or Support Group

Published May 12, 2020
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Forums and support groups can be helpful to people who are going through a divorce. There are many divorce-focused options, including several groups specific to men who are facing divorce. Explore a few groups to find out which one(s) best meet your needs.

Men's Divorce Forum

Men's Divorce Forum is a very active online group provided by Cordell & Cordell, a multi-state and international law firm that specializes in representing men in family law matters. The forum has very strict guidelines and rules designed to ensure that participants treat one another with respect and keep the content focused on topics relevant to men who are facing divorce. Active topics include child custody, technology applications relevant to divorce, what happens before and during a divorce, moving on afterwards, and more. The forum's comprehensive rules are enforced by moderators. It's free to participate, though you'll need to register in order to post, comment, or view what others have shared.

Separated Dads Forum

The Separated Dads Forum is focused on the interests and rights of fathers who are going through spousal separation or divorce. This is an active forum based in the United Kingdom. The forum has a thorough code of conduct focused on ensuring that people who participate in the forum treat each other respectfully and stay on-topic. Forum topics include father's rights, court issues, child maintenance, advice to recently separated father, and more. While anyone can read forum posts, you have to be a registered user in order to make posts or reply to existing posts. The member list is visible to anyone who visits the site.

MGTOW Men's and Father's Rights Forum

The Men's and Father's Rights forum is provided via the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) website, which offers a number of forums for men only. As the name suggests, this forum focuses on men's rights in the context of divorce. Discussions explore legal aspects of divorce of interest to men, as well as parental matters such as custody, visitation, and child support. Anyone can view forum posts, though you'll need to register with the site as a member in order to contribute to the conversation.

Meetup Divorce Support Groups for Men

If you'd like to connect in person instead of - or in addition to - joining an online forum, consider getting involved in a Meetup group. These groups provide a great way to connect with like-minded individuals in your local area. There are a number of groups in the Divorce Support for Men and Divorced Support for Men and Father's categories on the site. Browse to see if there is a local group and consider making plans to attend a gathering. If there's not already a local Meetup group for divorcing or divorced men, consider setting one up yourself.

Participating in Men's Divorce Forums and Support Groups

Participating in a forum or support group can help you make connections with other people who are going through an experience similar to yours. Whether you're looking for advice specific to divorced dads or hope to gain insights from other men who have ended a marriage, joining a forum or support group is a great way to obtain helpful information. Connecting with other men who are facing divorce can help remind you that you're not the only husband facing the challenges associated with ending a marriage.

Choosing a Men’s Divorce Forum or Support Group